How to Grow Your Audience? Tips for OTT/IPTV platforms

Increasing the number of viewers of your platform is usually not only  a part of the IPTV/OTT strategy. It’s also a part of OTT monetization and growing revenue. The more people use your service, the more income you receive – that’s the rule. In this article, we are going to focus on tips that can help you grow your audience. 

#1 Learn your audience

Knowing your audience is sometimes the most undervalued recommendation. We tend to rely on our imagination and subjective conclusions about potential customers. We met these people once, and since then, we think that we can offer them what they need. But we can go wrong. 

It’s always better to constantly explore your target customers. Who is the person purchasing your product or service? Why do they need it? How do they use it? What are their interests? What are their values? These are essential questions that can improve your marketing so that you improve your campaigns and attract more people. 

Not knowing your audience properly can be the issue that, if solved, brings you more consumers and more revenue. 

#2 Use social media to engage with an audience 

The second tip is connected with the first one. Social media platforms give you multiple opportunities for communicating with your audience: from informing them about new video content to engaging them in discussions. 

People use social media platforms almost every day, and that’s why it’s the easiest way to reach them. You can ask your consumers directly about what they like on your platform and what needs to be enhanced. Keep in touch with your target audience, and you will never run out of ideas about what to introduce into your service. 

#3 Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) video streaming

CDN video streaming allows OTT/IPTV platform owners to reach more people around the globe. A video CDN provides additional benefits, such as low latency and high-quality videos. If you stream content for one region, CDN can help expand and reach more people from other regions and even other countries and continents. 

CDNs are distributed around the world, and due to that, they easily deliver your content to people across the world. As a server is located closer to a consumer, the buffering and latency time are lower. Also, the origin server is not overwhelmed, and the response time doesn’t cause trouble. 

#4 Personalize the user experience

The personalized recommendations and news feed can be one of the governing factors when consumers decide whether to stay on the platform or leave it. Especially if the library of videos is huge, and it’s hard to find a video of interest on your own. 

Users can consider the AI-generated recommendations helpful and time-saving as they don’t need to spend hours searching for a new video. Platform algorithms analyze consumers’ interests based on what they’ve already watched and create recommendations. 

Final Thoughts

To increase the number of viewers, you’d better use all the tools at your disposal. You should care not only about marketing campaigns but also about communicating with your audience, platform technical improvements, enhancing content, and finding ways to deliver content over new locations. If all vectors are covered, you have many chances to succeed. 

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