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How to Grow Your Online Presence

While it’s possible to start a business because of your love and passion for something, most entrepreneurs are doing it to make a profit. And many things need to align for a business to be profitable. You need to offer quality products or services, supreme user experience and customer service, winning marketing strategy, and so on. 

But nowadays, one of the most important approaches companies use to grow their business, is growing their online presence. Your website, your social media accounts, your blogs, your content, anything out there is your online presence, and here are a few ways to grow it.

Social Media

To be successful, and in most cases even to function properly, you need to use social media. For years now the usage of these social platforms has been growing. Today, in their private lives, people don’t only use social media channels for communication with friends, family, colleagues, etc., or as a channel for consuming content. Before making a purchase, or hiring a business for a service, most people and businesses conduct research, using social media.

But growing your online presence through social media isn’t a completely straightforward process. It takes time, knowledge, patience, and a lot of work. This is why successful businesses, regardless of their size, decide to outsource marketing and, amongst other things, leave their online presence in the hands of professionals. For instance, you can find an Instagram growth service that can help you build a winning strategy.

When used well, social media can bring you organic traffic, as well as improve your profit. But more than that, if a business doesn’t have social media presence, a lot of consumers may not consider it to be trustworthy.

Website Design

Whether you are selling products or services on your website, or you simply have it as a place where you will promote your brand, publish content, communicate with potential customers, your website should perform well and look appealing. 

Human beings simply respond well to beauty, and that is something you should keep in mind when you are designing a website. If your website looks too cluttered, if it’s too flashy, etc. it may increase your bouncing rate. The bouncing rate, as well as the cart abandonment rate, can be high if the website isn’t informative enough, or is too complicated to navigate through. 

Technology Trends

New things happen all the time when it comes to technology, and the way people interact with businesses is still changing a lot. So lately, everything has been about the user’s experience, how to elevate it, make it feel more personal, make it feel more real. Some of the most popular new trends, all used with this purpose, include using chatbots, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other types of software. 

Of course, you don’t have to use every interesting technology out there. However, keeping up with trends can help you detect software that may suit your business. There are also many tools that you can use to make your business more efficient and organized, to manage your customer service. While this won’t help your online presence directly, it will allow you to stay on top of it, analyze it and optimize it regularly. 


Consumers need to know that they are safe, and most people will turn away from a webpage that doesn’t look like it’s protected. You have to make sure that both your and your customer’s data are protected. 

Mobile App

Billions of people use smartphones and other portable devices, so all of those people also use mobile apps. Apps have changed the way we do countless things. This is why many businesses have started creating mobile apps trying to reach more people and improve engagement. Offering a good, engaging mobile app that your customers would keep in their phone, is a great way to improve customer experience and sales. 

Virtual and Hybrid Events

With the pandemic and the lockdowns, businesses had to start finding new ways to communicate with their customers, and some have realized the advantages of some of those practices. Virtual events are one such example, and after the lockdowns, the so-called hybrid events – a combination of online and in-person events. Right now, you can find a wide range of useful, innovative, tools that can help you organize creative and engaging events. 


The goal behind anything new you do for your business is to make it more successful, grow it, and, ultimately, increase your profit. Building and growing your online presence takes time but, whether you are selling products or services online or not, with the right tools and the right professionals taking care of it, your online presence can be your brand’s biggest ally. There are successful businesses nowadays that rely solely on their online presence. 

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