How to improve employee experience when moving to hybrid working

There are an awful lot of benefits to adopting hybrid working; however, the extra work and organizational skills needed to pull it off successfully are not among them. You are going to need to investigate getting your hands on the very best tools to make things run smoothly, and one of the best ways that you can do this is by making sure that your employees are having the best experience possible – so you get the most out of them.

This will be new for everybody, so looking into some key areas can help you get the results in the shortest amount of time.

#1 Use SASE

Using SASE can be a great way to help your business stay protected when using the Cloud from several different locations. It can help you protect your employees and help them work more effectively at whatever it is they do for you. You might find that by using software such as SASE Security, you are offering better security to your employees, even when they aren’t working in the office, helping your business accommodate home workers more easily. 

#2 Flexibility 

You are going to need to give your employees the flexibility that they expect from a hybrid working pattern – after all, it might be the main reason why they took the job in the first place. By letting them choose which days they are coming into the office via a booking method and hotdesking, you can help your employees become a lot more enthusiastic about the way that they work, as they are more in control of their environment. It means that when they are in the office, they are most likely going to work better because they chose to be in. 

#3 Have a sign-on and off period

If your workers are all on the same shift, you should have meetings as a sign-on and off period for those out of the office. This is because you want your employees to be sitting at their desks ready to start the day, not still in their pajamas having their breakfast on the other side of the room while their laptop is open. Employees should be punctual even if they are not there in person, and as they are working from home, they have very few valid reasons to be late. 

#4 Communication Software

This can help your business to communicate better over long distances. You can’t just turn around in your chair to chat with the person next to you when you are working from home, so getting the best available communication software is almost certainly the next best thing. This can be a struggle to find the right one, and you should keep on experimenting using free trials until you find the one that is the best fit for you. 

This is because you will notice a severe drop in communication and therefore employee engagement when moving initially to a hybrid system – which can negatively affect your business. People are more likely to interact and work with the software they enjoy using, and if it is something that affects something fundamental like communication, you are going to need to make sure that the majority of your employees like to use it. 


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