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How to Maintain Your Brows to Get a Fuller and Bushier Look?


For every brow fanatic, having ‘brows on fleek’ is a non-negotiable affair and people leave no stone unturned to get the right definition and thickness. While some of us are really blessed with fuller-looking and perfectly arched eyebrows, others are not. However, if you fall in the latter category then don’t lose hope because there are a lot of ways to get thicker eyebrows and letting your brow hair grow big and fluffy. The never-changing trend of bushy eyebrows has brought us to the point where we try all the ways possible to achieve thick-looking brows. 

Thicker and bushier eyebrows are the talk of the town and supermodels to millennial influencers; everyone is seen doing such intense eyebrow looks with their make-up. Such well-groomed eyebrows amplify the beauty and accentuate the facial features. And if you are searching for ways to get fuller arches, we have the right solution for you. Keep scrolling for some easy ways to get the eyebrows of your dreams. 

Best Tips to look After the Brows At Home

Give Your Beauty Tools Some Break 

The easiest way and most logical approach to stimulate the eyebrow growth are by stopping the use of eyebrow tools. You need to control the urge of using Eyebrow Tweezers, threading or waxing in order to let them grow fully. The speed with which your brows grow depends on the intensity of how often you pluck your brows. In case you pluck the eyebrows daily, say goodbye to this habit for weeks till they don’t grow out. Be sure to pluck the brows only once in a few weeks and that too in the same growth pattern. 

Give a Try to Hair Growth Serum 

For all those wanting to grow their thin brows into fluffy and voluminous ones, try using a hair growth serum that accelerates their growth pattern. Eyebrow serums are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients; they enhance the growth of eyebrow hair follicles by strengthening them and adding a nourishing and conditioning touch. To see the results after using the hair growth serum, you need to be consistent and hold some patience. It’s gradual progress, but if you apply it the right way, your thin-looking brows will be perfectly grown in some time. 

Be Gentle with the Brows while Doing Skincare

To get glowing and clean skin, we often rub skin care products or Facial Tools forcefully. While doing skin care, always try to use gentle hands to scrub or exfoliate and similarly leave the eyebrows alone. Make sure to leave the eyebrows and eyelashes away from skin care products that might harm the soft hair follicles. The chemicals present in the skin care products might affect the brows and even cause the eyebrow hair to fall off. 

Shape your Brows for a Well-Groomed Look

 Achieving the thick and well-defined brows also need to be groomed at regular intervals. For giving your vision of brows on fleek a reality, you need an Eyebrow Shaper for avoiding mishaps while grooming the brows. Nicely done brows give the right dimension to the face and that’s all a girl wants to look like. Hence once every few weeks use your eyebrow shaping tool for removing brow hair in the right pattern and with precision. As a result, brow pattern stays in order and your skincare and make-up products get absorbed easily.

These types of methods are easy-to-follow and allow more control over how you wish to maintain your eyebrows! 


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