How to make money from Facebook do you know yet?

Facebook is one of the largest social networks today. That’s why it has become one of the super effective money-making tools.

Facebook – “fertile ground” to make money

Currently, Facebook is the 3rd most popular website in the world. That means it has a huge impact.

The number of Facebook users is still increasing day by day and shows no sign of stopping. 

Not only stopping at connecting, sharing, and exchanging, but this is also an ideal place to do business.

Based on a wide connection with a super huge scale, Facebook is the bridge leading to customers. So, how can you make money through Facebook?

How to make money from Facebook must know

Facebook is always opening up opportunities for you. You can choose how to make money on Facebook according to your ability in the following ways.

Selling via Facebook

This is certainly not a new way anymore, so the profits are always attractive. Do you know how much Facebook sellers make?

The website EarthWeb says, Facebook is a global connection. Talking about the smaller scale, the whole country. The speed spread quickly, making the reputation of a brand pushed further.

In terms of brand coverage, it will be accelerated and covered more widely.

Sales Livestream

In addition, you can also save significant costs. Maybe at first you only intend to have a small business, difficult in economy and space. 

Facebook is a super good business place for you. Selling online via facebook helps you minimize the cost of renting space and labor.

Facebook also has many features to assist you in selling. Among the most used are advertising and livestream.

However, selling online also needs skills that not everyone knows. There are also a lot of celebrities through livestream selling thanks to their grace. It is also a way to make sales much more effective.

Increase like (like) or follow (follow) for Fanpage

This is one of the services with a high number of customers on Facebook.

Customers are always looking for Fan Pages with high likes and followers. It is also a way to increase the trust of customers on Fanpage. Realizing that, many Fan Pages or stores want to buy likes and followers. 

This both increases the trust of customers and creates a reputation for Fanpage.

Increase likes and followers to attract customers

So, if you want to make money on Facebook, then open this service. Not only earn money, but also help customers place orders, sell effectively and make profits.

How to make money from Facebook Ad Breaks

Do you often see ads appearing at the beginning, middle, or end of a video? That is Facebook Ad Breaks

This is quite a new way for many people. Make money by inserting short ads at the beginning, middle, or end of the video. If the viewer watches the entire ad, you will be charged.

This is an easy way to make money. However, in order to earn income through Ad Breaks, you must own a Fanpage of 10,000 likes. 

Also, only applicable in the country where certain languages are allowed. Vietnam is also on the list of applying for the form of making money from Facebook Ad Breaks.

Putting ads at the right time is also one of the things you need to learn.

Freelance on Facebook

This is a job that is more suitable for students or those who work at the same time. Moderate income.

The job of a freelancer related to Facebook is to administer the Fanpage, post articles periodically daily, increase likes, comments, and share articles, run Facebook Ads, monitor, and optimize, write Fan Page content, increase visits, view for livestream,… You can do 1 or more of these jobs, but not all.

These jobs are always recruited regularly by businesses or fan pages. If you have done similar jobs, you can become a freelancer making money from Facebook. 

If you have no experience, don’t worry because many employers do not require experience. However, the salary will be a bit low. 

In return, you will have experience for the next application and your salary will be increased.

Besides, in terms of requirements, most of you will need to have a creative brain and bounce numbers continuously. Photo and video editing skills are an advantage for you in this job.

Tool to download Facebook video SnapSave

Suggestions for you about a tool to download super sharp and fast facebook videos will definitely help a lot. That’s SnapSave – Facebook Video Download.

Choose the best video quality

SnapSave is an extremely easy-to-use optimized download Facebook video. Just 3 simple steps can download videos with quality up to 2K, 4K. 

This is something that not all download Facebook videos can do. Videos are always in the best quality when downloaded to your computer.

This also makes it easier for you to edit, crop, and add effects. Support to help you create the best quality and sharp videos.

In addition, SnapSave also allows downloading Instagram videos, downloading TikTok videos (no watermark)


The social network Facebook is growing day by day, opening up more and more opportunities for everyone. These are the most popular and easiest ways to make money from Facebook. 

There are also many other ways. People can learn more to choose a suitable job for themselves.

Good luck!

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