How to Make Passive Income

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is a type of income that is not earned. You get income automatically with minimal labor. You will have to do something small to get started, but after you begin the money can come flowing in. 

There are many things that you can earn passive income. You might even make a passive income on Amazon if you know what you are doing. This is not difficult and can bring you a lot of money without having to do very little to earn it. 

This article will share with you some of the different legitimate ways that you will be able to make a passive income. Be wary of getting rich schemes that promise you passive income. There are a lot out there – do your research to make sure that you are finding something legitimate. 

Ways to Get Passive Income

  • Dropshipping Store – You might want to open your own dropshipping store. This is a store where you do not need a lot of cash flow to start. Even with little cash flow, you will make over $100,000 per year. 

This business model means that you must create an e-commerce store where customers can browse and then buy things: You never even need to see the items because they are shipped from the manufacturer. You do not have to manage the products at all because it is all done by someone else. 

  • Print On Demand Store – These types of stores are great for those who are creative by nature. You might want to design prints that can be placed on t-shirts, posters, backpacks, or anything else that you can print on. You might then sell these items to your customers. 

This is a little like dropshipping because you do not pay for the creations until you sell them. This allows you to use very little money to get you started. Then you sit back and let the money roll in.

  • Sell Digital Items – These can be things such as Kindle books, plug-ins, templates, or anything else that can be downloaded or streamed. This takes little effort to create and can be sent repeatedly. You will be able to sell it many times after you create it. 

You will be able to open your own online store so that you can sell these items. You will not need any inventory or storage for these items. You could also sell materials that other professionals will use.

  • Teach Online Classes – If you do not have any merchandise to sell, you could teach online classes. You could pre-record a whole course on something and then sell it to people who need it. This works best for educators who have some experience teaching.

It can also be good for people who are good at a subject that other people want to learn. You could have courses on video games, building bricks, or whatever your specialty is. You could then sell these courses online without any more work.

  • Become a Blogger – Blogging has become a popular activity for many people. There are many things that you can blog about. Popular choices are food and fashion, but it could be anything in which you are interested. 

Your passive income would come from selling affiliate products. Read more about this here. It could also come from selling your own products that are related to your blog. You could also run ads that would bring you some money.

  • Sell Handmade Items – You could make things by hand and sell them. There are many online sources where you can sell them. You do have more work to do upfront because you need to make your items and then start your online store.

This would be more work-intensive than other passive income ideas. It would be good for people who are good at creating items and games and those who might want to work from home. If you make a lot before you begin, you can sit back and let the passive income begin.

  • Affiliate Marketing Business – This involves recommending services or products to others. You earn your passive income by earning a commission when someone uses your links to buy things. Every time someone uses your link you will make a little money.

You do not have to do much to do this type of business. The only thing that you must do is the marketing part. The rest is done by the brand that you are representing. 

  • Sell Stock Photos Online – Many online photo sites will buy your photos from you. If you are a good photographer, this could make you a good income. You might do this in your spare time and sell it to several different sites. 

You could also turn your photographs into prints and sell things like t-shirts or posters. There are many things that you could do as even an amateur photographer. Just make sure that your photos are good quality high-definition photos. 

  • Become an Influencer on social media – This seems to be what everyone is doing now. You need to begin by building a community that likes what you are doing. This could be anything in which you are interested. 

Some influencers talk about different video games, while others talk about comics and movies. If you start to have a good following, you might start to sell merchandise that goes along with your interest. You can also promote other products for businesses that might also follow you. 

  • Buy a Rental Property – This is one of the oldest ways to make a mostly passive income. You can buy apartment buildings or other homes and rent them out. Then you mostly sit back and bring the money in each month.

If you do not want to do maintenance or other things that are related to owning rental properties, you can always hire a property manager to do the work for you. This way you can make a true passive income. You just must make sure that the properties are always kept in good livable conditions. 


There are many ways to make a passive income, and some are listed above. There are so many other ways to make a passive income. You can do some research and find more information. 

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