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How to pick the best Shopify apps for your store

E-commerce (short for e-commerce) refers to the integrated systems that a company uses to sell and purchase its products and services on the Internet, including solutions and software for developing web and mobile applications. Shopify app development by Makebeecool.


Today, there are many articles on the Internet that tell you how to create a successful online store from scratch. But how to understand that this is the right strategy. We analyzed the experience of various companies and identified five e-commerce solutions that will undoubtedly set the right direction for the development of your online business. 

So, the first question that should arise is: “Which e-commerce solution should I choose: a hosted server or a self-hosted service?” 

Shopify is probably the best ecommerce solution available today. 


This is a turnkey solution where you can sign up for a 14-day free trial using just your email address (no credit card information required) and place your first store within hours. 


You can connect your payment provider (for example, PayPal or any other option) with just a few clicks, and users can start buying products from you.


All tools are fully integrated, so there is no need to manually connect / integrate tools into your store. 


Shopify is great for small businesses just starting out, all the way to stores that sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise. 


This proves that they have a very developed infrastructure and platform to scale your business as it grows.


Shopify is a serious combine for organizing online sales. A brand with a worldwide reputation. Powerful Western companies like Facebook and Amazon collaborate with him – everything is very hyped. The engine cannot do anything except stores. Yes, there is a built-in blog and the ability to create static pages, but this is in addition to the store. The functionality corresponds and in some places even exceeds the level of specialized CMS. The first engine with AR technology support.


Domain selection and purchase


At this stage, you need to decide on the domain – the address of your future site. Of course, you need to start from your brand name if it has already been defined.


It is recommended to register a domain name in the .com zone for greater confidence in the site, but you need to understand that many attractive addresses may already be taken.


Selection and purchase of a theme


The Shopify platform has a store with a lot of both free and paid themes. In order to understand how the platform works, a free theme may be more than enough. However, to fully launch the store, we recommend installing one of the paid themes. They have broader functionality and add personality to online stores.


Shopify account registration, card connection


To sign up for an account on Shopify, you only need to have an up-to-date email address. Provide passport data or documents of individual entrepreneur / legal entity. no face is needed. The process is as simple as possible and does not take much time.


Next, you need to connect a bank card to the store, from which you will be charged for using Shopify, for applications, as well as commissions from received orders. This stage needs to be approached more seriously, since if you make wrong actions, your account may be blocked.


When linking a card, it is extremely important to indicate the real data of the card holder. If the owner data specified in Settings – General differs from the cardholder data, there is no problem. Do not use a proxy or VPN when connecting a card to Shopify, do not connect a card that was previously connected to a store that ended up being blocked. The billing address of the card and your actual geolocation should roughly match.


Importing products and collection creations


After connecting the card to the store, you can proceed to the import of all goods from the matrix that was compiled earlier. The process is simple enough. It is only important to correctly enter all the data about the goods, and then distribute the goods to the required collections.

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