How to Reach and Best Time to Visit Malaysia

Everyone likes a fun and rejuvenating vacation during the holiday season to recharge their batteries after working hard throughout the year. After all, we have all heard the saying that all work and no play make John a dull boy! 

Especially in the current times, when the pandemic has kept everyone literally locked indoors for months on end, people are left feeling literally desperate to step out of their cage and explore new places and enjoy newer experiences as the pandemic seems to have taken a toll on not just people’s physical health and finances, but also their mental and emotional wellbeing.

And there can be no better or, for that matter, quicker way to refresh our worn-out batteries than a quick getaway to an exciting destination for the entire family. Now, the next question on our minds would be, which would be an ideal holiday destination that would cater to the demands of the entire family and, at the same time, not burn a huge hole in the pocket because, after all, the pandemic has taken a toll on most people’s finances as well.

The aptest location for some fun and frolic with the entire family would be none other than the Asian wonderland, Malaysia! 

How to reach Malaysia 

Being a well-connected city in the world, Malaysia is well connected by air to almost all the major cities throughout the world on all sides. So, the best way to reach this Asian city would be by air. 

Malaysia has three major airports that connect it to the rest of the world; Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Senai International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport. All of these airports have excellent connectivity of all the major airlines of the world, which makes travelling to Malaysia with the entire family a hassle-free endeavour!

And for those looking to explore Malaysia’s gorgeous and scenic railway lines, the country has Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM). This Malayan railway service offers daily direct train services from Thailand and Singapore. So, one can take a flight from their hometown up to Thailand or Singapore and then travel further by train to Malaysia.

Besides this, Redbus makes travelling within the country to explore its lengths and depths very convenient with their excellent connectivity and services.

Best time to visit Malaysia 

Owing to the country’s geographical location, Malaysia’s weather through the year significantly differs from one peninsula to the other, which is why the best time to visit different parts of this Asian wonderland can be different.

Therefore, the aptest time to visit the western islands of Malaysia like Langkawi and Penang would be the dry months between December and February, whereas the most appropriate time to visit the eastern islands of Tioman and Perhentian would have to be between May and September.

To put it in a nutshell, except the Cameron Highlands, where evenings can get chilly and sometimes damp, generally, Malaysia experiences hot and humid tropical weather through the entire year except rainfall concerns and sea conditions in certain parts of the country.  


Summer months in the country’s eastern coast begin from March and last up to October, which is the bus online ticket eastern parts as it stays dry during these months. March happens to be the hottest month of the year, with the temperature soaring upto 30 degrees Celsius.


Malaysia has two monsoon seasons – on the eastern and the western coast. The west coast, which includes tourist places like Pangkor, Langkawi and Penang, experiences monsoon from April to October, which is not the best time to visit Malaysia’s west coast as many water sports and adventure activities are closed during monsoons. On the other hand, the east coast, which includes places like Perhentian Islands, Tioman Island, Redang and Kota Bharu, Terengganu and Kuantan, experiences monsoon between November and February, when the weather is pleasant and sunny on the west coast.


Between November to February, the winter months are considered the bus online ticket western coast to enjoy festivals like Christmas, New Year, and the Chinese New Year celebrations that last for a fortnight. January happens to be the coldest month when the days are cool and breezy and nights often get chilly.   



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