How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password in 2022

If you want to spy on someone on their iPhone then you need an Apple ID and password. When you are trying to spy on someone then you will need their Apple ID and password which is an essential thing for it.

But you can see the technology will be changed everything now, now it is possible using some online applications that will become to spy on the iPhone without needing the Apple ID and password. Several applications will help you to spy without needing the ID and Password. 

You can use the Spylix spy application for this purpose, this is one of the best spy apps that will help you to monitor the different activities of the target on their phone.

Why do you need to Spy on your iPhone Without your Apple ID and Password?

There are different reasons that you are spying on anyone without using the Apple ID and password, following are the most common reasons to spy on someone.

For Parental Control

You can use the spy application if you are a parent and you want to know all the activities of your children and what they do on the internet using the iPhone, you can also check their friend’s company when you spying on your children.

You can also easily check the location of your children and where they visited with their friends, you can also check the web history with the help of spy applications. As a parent, you will know about all the activities of your children.

To monitor your Spouse

If you will observe that your spouse acts suspiciously and you will keep an eye on them and you will need to know that your spouse will not cheat on you, for this reason, you can spy on your spouse and you will get proof that your spouse cheats you.

Monitoring the Employee

You will also use the spy application for monitoring the employees of your company, as you provided some companies devices and you will also keep an eye on the employees because you will not bear that they will share your company’s secrets with anyone.

Use the Spylix Spy Application

Spylix is the Best Spy Application

If you want to spy on someone without using the Apple ID and password then you will choose the Spylix, Spylix is one of the best spying applications and it will give you complete control and access to the target, you can easily use Spylix spy application to monitor your spouse, children or employees, and access all the activities. 

Spylix has provided amazing features to its user, and you can use the Spy application very easily also the installation process is very easy in just 3 steps you can install it, it will support both devices Android as well as iPhone. So it is the best solution for you to monitor your target.

Features of Spylix

Following are some features of the Spylix App.

Access to the Messages

When you are using the Spylix app to spy on your target then you can access all messages including the sent, received, and deleted messages also of your target. you can easily monitor the SMS of your target.

Track Location

It will also help you to track the location of your target person and this will also provide the history of the location. You can easily track your child’s location; this spy application also provides a GPS location tracker.

Access to the videos and photos

When you are using the Spylix application to spy on anyone then it will also provide access to the video and photos that are on the target device and you can also see the deleted media.

Benefits of Using the Spylix

Following are some benefits of this spy application.

Work in stealth mode

If you are monitoring someone then you will want that it will not be in the knowledge of that person, so the Spylix offers that it will work in stealth mode and the target person will never know that anyone is spying on them, so it works in the background.

Safe and secure

When you are using the Spylix application then the company will assure that it will not use the data of the target and never leak it. So the Spylix is a safe and secure application.

No need to jailbreak

Like other applications you will not need to jailbreak your iPhone, you just need three steps and start monitoring. And you will also not need to physically touch the device of the target.

User friendly 

Spylix application provides easy access to monitor with iPhone and it is a user-friendly website that will give you access to all the activities of the target person.

3 Steps, you Can Spy  on iPhone Quickly

Step 1:Create an account

Open the website Spylix by using your email for making a Spylix account.                            

Step 2: Set up the Spylix app

Select the iOS device and set up the Spylix app.                        

Step 3: Start Monitoring

After the setup is complete on Spylix then you will start monitoring your target.


Data You Can Obtain By the Spylix

When you decided to choose the application that is the best for you to spy on anyone you should check which data you will get after using the application. Spylix is one of the best spy applications that provides the following data about the target and it fulfills your requirements.

Message Tracker

When you are using the Spylix it will provide you access to the text message sent and received by the target and you will also get the information about the deleted messages.

Access to the Whatsapp

Many other spy applications will provide the facility to spy on WhatsApp but they will not provide quality information. But With the help of Spylix, it will provide and give access to all the WhatsApp data like media, files, and messages also.

Other social media access

Spylix will not give you access to WhatsApp but also provide them access to the other social media used by the target like TikTok, Facebook, etc, you will have access to and also monitor the activities of these applications.

Call logs

Spylix is an efficient and reliable platform that will provide you the information about the target, you can also get access to the call logs, and you can monitor the incoming and upcoming calls by the target.

Provide the GPS location

Location finding is the best way to find out someone, Spylix also provides the access to the location of the target and you will get the information about the target location with the help of the Spylix app.


Spylix provides another way to spy on the target very easily, with the help of this you can easily track your target, when the target presses any key by their you can monitor and track it and it will help you to spy on the target.

How you Can Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID And Password

You can spy with Spylix on your iPhone without Apple ID and password, you need to first install the Spylix and then you can start spying.

Find My iPhone – Use The Method To Spy on The iPhone Without Using The Apple ID And Password

To find the iPhone you will follow the following steps.

Step1: Open the ‘Find my Phone” on your iPhone

Step 2: Now you can sign in with the target device using the information of iCloud and “ all devices” choose the iPhone.

Step 3: Now you can tap on the iPhone and you will get the exact location of the device.

The main issue with this method is that you can just see the location, you can not track other activities.

Use Friend My Friend-another way to spy on the iPhone

You can download the app using my friend. To spy on the iPhone

Step 1: You can go to the application of Find my friend

Step 2: Tap on “Add” and then select the name and Email address of the target device, and send a request.

Step 3: Wait till the target accepts your request.

This is also a limited method, you can not get access to other activities of the target.

You can use the exact location of the target when you are spying with the help of Spylix. All the methods are free.

Final Remarks

You can use the same tricks and techniques to Spy on an iPhone without using the Apple ID and password. The Spylix is one of the best options and will provide accurate information about the target.

Although earlier it was very difficult to spy on the iPhone without using an Apple ID and password. Spylix is the spy application that will help you to monitor the target and access all the activity of the data. To install and start a setup is very simple and easy. The spy application is a user-friendly spy application. 


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