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How to Unfreeze a TikTok Account?

Frozen TikTok account does not mean hanging off or slowing down the account. It means that the user’s new videos are not reaching the desirable people or new audience. There are many reasons behind the frozen TikTok account.

 If the account is freezing, then the user faces some problems such as his audience is not rich enough, does not increase followers, videos do not reach the followers. Here is the description of how to unfreeze anyone’s TikTok account.

Identifying the frozen TikTok account:

If the user wants to identify his freezing TikTok account, he needs to follow some steps mentioned below-

  1. First, he needs to open his TikTok account and go to analytics settings, then go to content. Lastly, he needs to check any video and notice the ratio under the ‘for you’ option.
  2. The user needs to have a pro account to check the analytics. For this, he needs to go on the Manage my account from the account settings option. Then, he needs to press the Switch Pro Account option to find analytics settings.
  3. The user will see a quick walkthrough and need to answer a few things to switch on the pro account.

Reason for the TikTok account’s freezing:

There are many reasons for freezing the TikTok account. If the user uploads fake or duplicate videos, then his account can be frozen. If the user removes the watermark of content when uploading the contents, it may occur to freeze the account because authorities always check the platform’s safety. If the user’s videos disrespect other regions, races, nations, the account should be frozen. Sometimes, the user does not realize that his account is frozen. So, he must be alert about it.

The process of unfreezing TikTok account:

To unfreezing the TikTok account, the user needs to follow some steps. He should keep his account on the safe side by following the community guidelines of the TikTok platform.

  1. The user needs much interaction with other people and followers. He should need to react and comment on the other people’s content with a like or love reaction.
  2. TikTok and people always prefer and love original content, videos. So, he must need to post original content to appreciate.
  3. If the account is not working, the user should uninstall the app or restart his device and again install the app. He needs to clear data regularly from the app and log out from the account while working is finished.
  4. He should observe the analytics settings regularly, and if there have any problem with his account, he must fix the analytics.
  5. If the TikTok account has already frozen, it is better to open a new account and leave the aged account.
  6. The user needs to create more videos and content. He must need to entertain the people and much active on the TikTok platform. He needs to convince the people like the talented creators on the platform.

The user must follow some specific trick to unfreeze his account. 

  1. He needs to achieve trust the TikTok platform about his valid account.
  2. The user needs to make brand his account.
  3. He needs to promote his TikTok account by sharing his id link on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or other social media platforms.
  4. He must need to upload videos regularly and efficiently.

By following all these steps, the user can get rid of the freezing problem of his TikTok account.


TikTok is the most famous social media platform. Having more popularity, the user faces some problems. If users get more TikTok accounts without any problem, he should follow all the policies provided on the platform. If they do not want their account to be frozen, they must stay alert.

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