How to use Anabolic steroids safely


It is a piece of common news on the media about the use of steroids whenever bodybuilders and athletes are mentioned. Anabolic steroids are proved to have psychological and physical effects on the person. Therefore professional sports organizations and medical associations have banned the use of illegal steroids. However, legal steroids can be consumed by individuals after recommendations and advice by medical professionals.

What is a legal steroid?

The man-made version of hormones present in the human body is called steroids. Two types of steroids available on market are Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are typically used by bodybuilders or athletes to improve physical appearance, performance and increase body mass.

Legal steroids contain a natural ingredient like Tribulus Terrestris and formulas that increase testosterone levels in the body without any serious effects on the body. There are several brands available in the market that fulfill the criteria of legal steroids. Individuals also buy Winstrol for its natural ingredients, no side effects, and recommendations by professionals.

How to use Anabolic steroids safely?

Legal steroids are consumed by many people for various reasons. Some use it for bodybuilding, some for performance while are some are recommended by doctors to cure a certain type of disease.

There are some ways to consume steroid so that it is safe to consume and also effective. Some of the tips and tricks to consume steroids safely are mentioned below:

  1. Appropriate needle

It is always advisable to use the appropriate needle as per the requirement of the individual and the quality and form of the steroid. Steroids can be water-based or oil-based. Accordingly, different sizes of needles can be used as oil-based steroids are thicker than water-based ones and would require larger needles.

  1. Draw air

You must draw the same amount of air in the syringe as you would be injecting the anabolic steroid. Then empty the air on the steroid and draw the steroid in the syringe. This makes the process easier. Get rid of any air bubbles by tapping the syringe and plunging it forward.

  1. Disinfect

Ensure your skin where the steroid is to be injected is clean and disinfected. An alcohol solution can be used to disinfect the area.

  1. Aspirate

Aspiration is important to ensure that you are not hitting the blood vessel. This is necessary because if a steroid enters a blood vessel then it may hit the lungs directly which is hazardous.

  1. Remove needle carefully

After the anabolic steroid is plunged fully, do not remove the syringe at least for 20 seconds. Then use a sterile and clean cotton pad over the area of injection for 30 seconds. Massage the place firmly to let the liquid disperse evenly.

  1. Purchase from a trusted source

Swallowing or injecting steroids can become tricky if not purchased from a trusted source. Ensure that the place you are purchasing the anabolic steroid is reliable as well as trustworthy. To be more sure, you can even get the item checked and tested. This will assure that you are consuming only that quantity and quality that is recommended and good for you.

  1. Consume recommended dosage

It becomes hazardous to the limit of being dead if a person consumes a dosage more than what is prescribed. Therefore it is always advisable that you consume the dose of anabolic steroid that is prescribed for your safety and effective results.

  1. Post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy is a mandatory process after your steroid cycle. This has several benefits such as it prevents estrogenic side effects, assisting in restoring the production of testosterone naturally, and many more. Post cycle therapy is essential to prevent any risk associated with the consumption of steroids and lets your body come back to normal.

  1. Discontinue if side effects occur

Certain side effects such as hair loss, excessive hair growth, irritability, oily skin, acne are normal. But if there are severe and adverse side effects to your body, it is always advisable to stop the intake of the anabolic steroid. Also, consult the medical professional.

Final words

Anabolic steroids are hazardous to the body if consumed illegally and excessive. But if you consume the same following the safety precautions and as prescribed by the professionals it gives wonderful results. They are also used to cure certain crucial diseases and have shown desired results.

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