How to use user-generated content to promote your business account

Social networks provide tremendous opportunities for promoting brands. Their most important advantage is the ability to interact with the audience, find new customers, increase brand loyalty and engage users in a dialogue. One way to build open communication with your customers is to use the content your followers create. In this article, we’ll cover some technical aspects of this job and why it’s significant for a business.

How to get the original users’ content

Marketers don’t need to be told why to use UGC. Everyone who has even a little connection with marketing and sales understands that this type of interaction increases engagement. The question arises: how to get this precious content? Some companies ask their subscribers to send them video testimonials. But this is a rather complicated process. Think for yourself, who will shoot a video about a product, upload it to the cloud storage and send it to you by e-mail? It is unlikely that many come to do something like this in their free time for free. But there is an alternative – you may go to the pages of your subscribers yourself and save posts in which your company is tagged using an Instagram video downloader.

This is the very main technical life hack that should be noted by all managers who work with social networks. No need to search for some programs on the Internet and install software on your computer. You can do it from your smartphone in just a couple of clicks. With the web resource Inflact, which is available in the browser, you can easily download Instagram videos iPhone. I won’t go into details. This service is intuitive and there is nothing superfluous in it. Just copy the link to the post and paste it into the search bar on the main page. In 15-30 seconds you will have the desired file. True, this only works with open profiles. You will not be able to download content from closed accounts.

How to employ UGC wisely 

It is worth noting that not every content from your subscribers can be used. Materials must be of good quality and comply with the brand policy. If a person wears your sneakers but makes an offensive video, it will be anti-advertising. Therefore, you need to be able to choose user-generated content so as not to harm the brand’s reputation.

Some companies successfully use photos of their customers to get closer to the people. Now the trend is naturalness and naturalness. Therefore, leading fashion outlets began to abandon expensive photo shoots and photo retouching in favor of photos from ordinary people taken on a smartphone. It probably makes sense, if only because modern iPhones have an excellent camera and are already used by professional photographers.

So, here are some tips on how to use content from your clients:

  1. Follow the publications in which customers tag you
  2. Remove brand mentions in connection with controversial and scandalous topics
  3. Share customer photos on Instagram Stories
  4. Be sure to tag the authors and thank them
  5. If you are criticized, be polite and do not ignore problems

Authors’ content is a storehouse of bottomless inspiration for the business. Therefore, you should not ignore it in your marketing.


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