How to Write the Name of a Movie in an Essay: MLA, APA, Chicago, AP

Tutors do not always stick to traditional subjects and topics when studying at school, college, or university. Due to the development of cinematography and its high interest among teenagers, it is evident that movie topics may come in a row with other popular essays about a favorite book or character. Therefore, it is crucial to know all the aspects and peculiarities of the name of a movie in an essay unless you are going to turn to an expert paper writing service and purchase ready-made writing. Pay attention to the instructions provided by your teacher since a formatting style must be indicated that serves as a guideline for correct writing of a movie title in a paper.

Name of a Movie in an Essay: Requirements of Formatting Styles

Formatting of a name of a movie in an essay may be differently presented depending on the required style. If you want to know for sure how to write a name of a movie in an essay, it is necessary to consult a needed style guide for the latest edition. Several frequently assigned citation formatting styles to include APA, MLA, Chicago, AP, Harvard, etc. Each one has a style manual that is a collection of rules and requirements for writing, formatting, and designing papers written in this style. You may easily find the required complete set of rules of a needed style on the internet, where is a section devoted to how to write movie names in an essay. Professional writing services offer an option to select a needed style for students wondering “Can someone write my paper for me?” Still, if you strive to handle your assignment, the following information about the name of a movie in an essay will be helpful.

  • Chicago, APA, MLA. Some styles have similar requirements to specific formatting issues, which is okay. You should not worry when using movie titles in essays in different styles. The name will be formatted in the same manner. Chicago, APA, and MLA also have identical requirements concerning writing a movie title.

So, when meeting your writing instructions, one of the previously mentioned citation formatting styles, a name of a movie in an essay, should be italicized when met in the body of the paper. You also must capitalize the major word in the name of a movie in an essay, like nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. If the articles, prepositions, and conjunctions are not at the beginning of the title, they should be written in lowercase. However, the APA style presupposes capitalizing all the words in the movie title on paper if they exceed four letters. Proper names are always capitalized. Look at the following samples to understand:

War of the Worlds

Gone With the Wind 

Home Alone


The Adams Family

  • AP. Associated Press Style requirements for the title of a movie in an essay have their characteristics. Unlike the rules of previous styles, here, you have to use quotes to highlight the name of a movie in an essay. As to capitalization, you should also capitalize all the proper names and all the words at the end and beginning of the name of a movie in an essay and those containing more than four letters.

As you may see, nothing is challenging in writing a movie title. Just remind some rules and skim the style requirements before launching the process. Appeal to experts by asking, “Do my essay, please!” if you are not confident in your abilities.

Rules on Writing a Movie Title in an Essay

Modern rules of writing the title of a movie in an essay are different from the old ones existing in the period of handwriting and typewriters. Since using computers, we may highlight the text in various ways (italicize, underline, bold, change font or color). In the past, people used typewriters and did not have such an opportunity for presenting the name of a movie in an essay. For this reason, there are still some rules for cases when you do not print your paper. 

Writing by hand, you may underline the name of a movie in an essay since it is impossible to italicize. Since underlining is considered obsolete, it is only allowed in handwriting cases.

Write a Movie Title in the Title Case

It is a generally accepted rule and common practice to capitalize all the names of issues we write about. A name of a movie in an essay is not an exception. So, follow the rules if you don’t want to get a low grade for your paper. 

  • Start each movie title in paper with a capital letter, no matter what part of speech it is.
  • Independent parts of speech like nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs are always capitalized.
  • Depending on the situation, prepositions, conjunctions, and articles in the name of a movie in an essay may be capitalized. They are always written in the upper case if they are the initial word of the title. Long words like moreover, although, etc., are also written in a title case. 
  • Capitalize all the proper names in the name of a movie in an essay.

The following examples may help you to understand the rules better: 

A Good Person

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Try writing, and you will see there is nothing complicated in creating a movie title in papers when describing the most exciting film in your life.

Why Is Proper Formatting Important?

There are several reasons to follow the requirements of a particular citation formatting style when writing the name of a movie in an essay body. First, you highlight the title, and the reader understands what film you mean. Since some movies may have somewhat different titles that consist of only one word, like It, others may have only digits in the name, like film 65. So it may be challenging to differentiate the name of a movie in an essay from other terms.

Another reason why formatting is necessary is that your tutor will consider it when checking your paper. So, if you do not want to fail, it is better to present the name of a movie in an essay keeping all the rules.

Summing Up

Suppose this information was helpful, and you know how to write movie names in an essay. Follow mentioned above tips and consult style manuals to reach the best results. Remember, practice makes perfect, so do not hesitate to try and tell everyone about the best movie ever!

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