Huawei Watch Fit Users Getting New Firmware Update


Huawei is casting out a brand-new firmware update for the huawei watch fit band that adds the latest edition, This update adds optimizations for Bluetooth association and system constancy for bettered user experience as per the later information.

The Huawei Watch Fit band is set up with blended features of a smart watch and physical fitness band. It appears good and allows an easy wearing experience. This boasts a dewy-eyed software package with a good fellow of apps. Presently, it is functioning very well on the user’s wrist joint.

With the later Huawei Watch Fit band update, the company is bettering the Bluetooth association and system constancy for a more balanced performance of the system. To ascent across the brand-new update, the Watch Fit band users must download and install the small-scale update bundle whose size is almost 6.68MB.

Huawei Watch Fit Band Update Note:

Although updating, hold the battery level more than 20 pct on both smart watch and smartphone, keep up sufficient memory and do not disconnect or switch off the Bluetooth connection.

In addition, the update might take a bit amount of time to accomplish. If the system update conks out during the timeline, try once again. What is more, if you find out any trouble utilizing your device, call up the Huawei Customer Service or call in the service centre. 

Huawei Watch Fit:

Huawei Watch Fit first launched with a 1.64-inch AMOLED rectangle display screen and is well-matched with Android 5.0, iOS 9.0, and higher up editions. In that respect, there are physical fitness and health tracking characteristics specified as pulse rate and SpO2 tracking, nap and footstep tracking, and Global Positioning System for distance tracking accuracy.

Lightweight and Long-Lasting:

Although a course of stomas making stomas not just further bring down weight, just also better permeability.

Soft and Sturdy, Easy to Wear:

The installation is dewy-eyed, and the size can be well-adjusted as per the perimeter of the wrist joint.

Comfortable to put in and move out is really easy to set up and remove; zero tools required. Long-lasting buckle to protect the fit band, avert the band getting loose and drop-off while sporting and working out

Favourable Material:

Huawei watch fit is created from a customized high-performance soft silicone polymer; the Sport Band is long-lasting and robust, still amazingly soft. It is built of high-quality TPU stuff, harmless and odourless. Softness is modest, really comfortable to put on. The size can be well-adjusted as per the condition of the individual wrist joint.


  • Comfortable and mere to use;
  • A decent replacement to colour your watch bracelet;
  • Delicate and sturdy, easy to wear;
  • Created quality silicone polymer stuff, environmental and good;
  • It can be well-adjusted to distinct length, and you never care about it too long or too small;
  • It is skin-friendly and allows easy feeling when you put on it during a nap;
  • The installation is mere, and the sizing can be well-adjusted as per the perimeter of the wrist joint.


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