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Immunai 60M Series Schusterman FoundationWiggersVentureBeat, a new company founded by David Schusterman and Jeffrey Wiggers, is launching a 60m series of events, a series of high-level experiences designed to build strong connections between people. In this article, the founders share their inspirations for starting the company and their plans for its future. They also give some information on the recent investment round, including the number of investors and also the total amount of funds raised.

AI-Powered Startup Focused

The Immunai 60M Series Schusterman FoundationWiggersVentureBeat Company is an AI-powered startup focused on mapping the human immune system at the single-cell level. Their unique technology combines data from hundreds of immune cells to build the world’s largest clinical immunological data set. They are also working with leading names in the field. This includes Baylor College of Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mass General, UPenn, Harvard Medical School, and also Duquesne Family Office.

Machine Learning Platform

Immunai 60M Series Schusterman FoundationWiggersVentureBeat are using the data to discover new therapies that will help patients. With an unprecedented volume of data and the company’s own machine learning platform, the team is able to identify novel targets for existing immunotherapies. Its technology also enables them to detect toxic reactions that may occur with these therapies.

Development of New Therapies

They aim to accelerate the development of new therapies and also reduced healthcare costs through their work. As they build up their pipeline, they are looking for funding from a variety of sources. They have already raised over $80 million, and they plan to raise another $215 million by February 2021.

They are aiming to develop new cell therapy candidates for solid tumors, as well as expand their AMICA database, a central resource for research in immuno-oncology. We are working with 10x Genomics, an organization that combines their clinical data with data from other organizations, to build a more comprehensive and accurate data set.

World of Biotechnology

A new startup, Immunai, is making waves in the world of biotechnology. This company uses machine learning and AI to uncover important data. Its goal is to help physicians and researchers understand the human immune system, and ultimately, to develop more effective immunotherapy drugs.

Immunai 60M Series Schusterman FoundationWiggersVentureBeat company’s AI platform was originally created to help enhance the performance of existing immunotherapies. It combines a wide range of data from hundreds of immune cells. In addition, the technology is able to map the human immune system on a single cell level, allowing the researchers to discover the best treatment combinations.

Multi-omic Immune Cell Atlas

According to the company’s website, its “Annotated Multi-omic Immune Cell Atlas” (AMICA) is the largest database of its kind in the world. With 70 employees in 15 countries, it has an impressive pipeline of new research in the works. To that end, the company has formed partnerships with some of the top research institutes and pharmaceutical companies in the world. And, in the near future, it plans to expand its functional genomics capabilities.

Noam Solomon & Luis Voloch

Founders Noam Solomon and Luis Voloch have both worked as engineers and scientists, and have been inspired by the potential for machine learning and also AI in the field of immunology. They hope to use their technology to accelerate the development of new treatments, reduce medical costs, and even better healthcare outcomes.

Founded by Luis Voloch and Noam Solomon, Immunai is a startup that provides a platform for scientists to analyze the human immune system. They do this by leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms to identify new biomarkers and also recommend new treatments. Its technology allows them to map the immune system at the single cell level, providing a wealth of data on mechanisms of action and the synergistic effects of immunotherapies. The company has recently raised $60 million in a Series A round of funding. However, it is looking for additional funding from other sources as well.

Final Words:

The company is also home to the world’s largest clinical immunological data set. They have compiled thousands of samples and created a database to help academics understand experimental therapies.


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