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Innovative Ideas for Using Table Runners for Adding Color and Style to Your Home

The original idea behind using table runners was to add a dash of flair to an ordinary dining table while simultaneously protecting the surface or the tablecloth below it from spilling food and drink. Conventionally, runners are used the most in the dining room to decorate the dining table but there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot use them in other rooms to add a unique dash of color and style to make your home look distinctive. These runners are also great for livening up boring pieces of furniture because you get runners in a variety of fabrics, colors, designs, textures as well as shapes and sizes.

The Dining Room 

According to the convention, you are supposed to place the runner in the center of the table lengthwise directly on the table or over a tablecloth. You can think of placing the runner across the table’s width. The idea works well if you are combining its use with placemats to lend a contemporary décor style to your dining table. Rectangular tablecloths paired with a good table runner can make your dining room feel like a fancy banquet hall. In addition to the dining table, you can also think of using them on the buffet and even to do up the wall of your dining room. Using the runners as wall artworks work well regardless of whether the space is wide or narrow. The good thing is that you can get table runners in a large variety of colors and motifs of cultures across various countries, which gives you a lot of flexibility to match them with your existing décor style.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a very happening place in most houses; however, it does not mean that you cannot make it look good. You can think of placing runners on the kitchen table or even on the kitchen island. Because things tend to get a trifle messy in the kitchen, it can be a good idea to use runners made from synthetic materials like polyester or vinyl. You can even explore runners made from bamboo or reeds that are very popular in Asian countries for giving a unique look to your kitchen. You can also think of placing a quilted runner on the kitchen hutch to add an element of zing to the room.

The Bedroom

The use of runners does not have to be restricted to tables. They can be used to great effect in the bedroom too. You can place a runner over a bedspread, comforter, or quilt in the winter to add warmth and seasonal charm. In the summer; you can add a splash of color with a runner featuring summer themes on the bed, according to Foter. Another great place for placing a runner is the bureau or the chest of drawers. A runner mounted on the wall over the head of the bed can add a splash of color to the room.


Runners are extremely versatile and it is important not to get boxed in by the idea that they are only good for decorating tables. If you want, you can use runners on virtually every surface of different rooms of your house to underline your aesthetic sense and home décor style. 

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