Interesting Facts To Know About Custom Size Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards come in a variety of sizes, from tiny to huge. They can be used for anything from making lists to scheduling practices. These boards could even be custom made to fit any needs.

There are many companies that will make custom sized dry erase boards for you. They can make them in any size or form that you might need. You can have them customized with your company or family name, or anything else that you might need.

You could call one of these companies and decide what you need. They could make you a magnetic dry erase board custom size that is perfect for your needs. You should have an idea of what you are looking for before you call. 

This article will help you to learn more about dry erase boards and how to get the custom sized for you. It will give you information about dry erase boards that you might not have known before. You could also do more research and get more information.

Interesting Facts About Dry Erase Boards

  • Happy Accident – The whiteboard was created by film photographer Martin Heit when he had a happy accident in the darkroom. He was marking his negatives in the darkroom in the 1950’s and accidentally used a permanent marker on one of them: He tried to erase it quickly and learned that it was easier than he thought it would be. He began marketing dry erase boards several years later.
  • How They Work – The dry erase markers work because there is a reaction between the oily silicone polymer that is in the ink of the marker and the surfaces that are non-porous. These markers contain three ingredients – a polymer, color pigments, and a solvent. They have an oily silicone polymer that helps the ink to dry very quickly, and it doesn’t bind with the surface of the dry erase board.
  • Phone Board – The first boards were designed to go alongside telephones so that you could write messages and phone numbers. They came in four different colors to go along with the décor of the times – white, beige, pink, and yellow. The Plasti-Slate was marketed and designed by Martin Heit.
  • White Board Pens – While white boards were invented in the late 1950’s, the pens that go along with them didn’t come along until 1975. See here for more information. Up until then, these boards were considered wet erase and needed water to remove the ink. The dry erase marker was invented by Jerry Woolfe, and was first marketed in the 1980’s.
  • Real Algorithms – Most algorithms that are written on white boards in movies are made up. In the 2016 movie, Arrival, they were real algorithms. Stephen Wolfram, a noted scientist, wrote them so that they would be real and make sense to other scientists. 

How to Choose a Dry Erase Board

The first thing that you need to think about is the type of board that you might want. There are different types that you could get, including melamine and plastic. They could be magnetic or nonmagnetic so that you could use magnets if you choose. 

Melamine is the least expensive and is usually lighter than their plastic counterparts. They are easy to mount in the office, workplace, or home. Plastic boards also fall into this category.

You could also get porcelain or ceramic boards, which are a little more expensive. They are more durable and are less likely to get scratched or stained. They also resist ghosting, which happens when your markers leave marks even after erasing.

Glass whiteboards are the best that you can get. They are not porous which means that there is no chance of ghosting happening. The markers erase more easily, and they don’t smudge so cleanup is easier. 

Where Will You Use It?

You need to think about what rooms you will be using your whiteboards. You will have different needs if you are using it in your home than if you are using it in an office room. There will also be different needs depending on the type of office that you will use it in. 

If you are using it in a conference room, it will need to be one that has a matte finish. This will reduce the glare from the board as people are trying to read it. This will also help if you use your whiteboard as a projection screen.

Executive offices might require a different type of whiteboard. An executive might want some that look more like office furniture that closes when not in use. This will help keep the executive office looking nice and professional. 


There are different types of whiteboards that you can use in different situations. You could have one with a matte surface to reduce glare and can be used as a projection screen. You could also have one that looks good for executive offices.

There are also a few little-known facts that are fun to know. You can use these facts to dazzle your friends and co-workers. They are fun facts that some people won’t know. 


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