Is it a good idea to cash the check I received from my insurance company?

You could be relieved to receive a check from the insurance company in the mail following a vehicle accident, slip, or other accident. Receiving an insurance payment is typically not a source of contention. Alternatively, they would put their signature on the cheque and put the money in their bank.

You might not get the entire amount of compensation you are due for accident injuries, though, if you sign a check from an insurance company. Consequently, be sure you are aware of what you might be giving up before you pay an insurance company cheque.

You may have significant legal rights that are affected by the language used on an insurance check. When you receive a payout from an insurance company after an accident or injury, you should speak with a lawyer immediately.

If you cash an insurance check, you can lose your claim for additional compensation.

Waivers are typically printed anywhere on the check or accompanying statement by insurance providers. You agree to relinquish your right to further legal action and compensation by receiving the cheque, according to the waiver.

You accept it when you cash, deposit, or otherwise deal with the check.

What do you forfeit by using the insurance check?

You forfeit your ability to bring an additional damage claim against the negligent party. For instance, your doctor may inform you that the accident requires surgery. You gave up your entitlement to compensation when you cashed the insurance cheque, so you cannot ask for more money to pay for the procedure and associated costs.

Assume your physician notifies you that the accident left you permanently impaired. You can work, but due to the impairment, your income will be less than it was prior to the injury. By cashing the cheque, you waived your right to pursue restitution for past lost wages as well as other damages.

Your entitlement to have your insurance company defend you in the event that the opposing party filed a claim for damages could have been waived if the insurance check came from your insurance company. You now have to pay to defend the lawsuit, and you might have to pay for any damages.

Insurance Companies may not pay all of your entitlements

Insurance firms will do practically anything when it comes to avoiding paying claims. All insurance providers want to pay as little as possible for claims, whether you own or a different business.


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