Is Team Building Possible Virtually?

Due to the changing workplace scenario, companies are switching to remote work. But managing a virtual team is not as easy as it seems. People sitting behind laptop screens working together without any in-person contact can lead to many issues as a team. 

Virtual teams might be a good option to gather brains from different parts of the world, but this can also create communication problems, and communication is the key to everything. But a well-bonded virtual team can give more productivity than a traditional team. There are several ways that a team leader can use to strengthen the bonding between his team.

Why is a virtual team-bonding session important?

Ice Breaker

Having a virtual ice breaking session will help to eliminate the awkwardness and silence that is there during the initial days of working in a new team. Once the awkwardness is eliminated, the communication increases, and it helps to discuss ideas and issues with the team easily.

Better Productivity

When the awkwardness and silence are removed, the team communicates better with each other. The discussion of ideas and problems goes with ease, and hence there is less chance of mistakes and better productivity.

Proper Utilization Of Human Resources In a team

Every human is different, and different are their skills. Having a good team bonding session will allow us to know about each other’s skills and strengths which can be later used for the team’s benefit.

How can you bond with your team virtually?

Online office games

There are many online office games like card games or scavenger games Freecell where the team can log in as a group and play. Playing these games will improve communication and coordination in the team.

Online Campfire

There is a site where people can join in a virtual campfire. You can log in as a team and enjoy it. You can tell ghost stories, have a conversation, and have small competitions. A virtual campfire is a good icebreaker for a team.

Online Trivia Games

Trivia games online will help you to connect with your team. These games include questions about each team member, which others must guess. Trivia games online are a good way to know about each other and build a connection.

Common Workspace

Sharing a common online workspace like google outlook or slack will help understand and discuss the project easily. Keeping the open source for communication with every team member in a common space will increase team bonding.

Online Lunch Breaks or Tea Breaks

Having a meal together or tea and snacks together can be a good idea to communicate with the team beyond work. You can talk about the food of their culture or some interesting stories about their life. It will help you to create a bond and understanding.

Creating Polls

Sometimes people might not be able to express their opinion regarding some decision. Creating a poll for taking decisions as a team will give the team members a feeling of involvement and confidence. This will lead to a better understanding of one’s perspective.


Team bonding is something that affects the productivity of a team deeply. But building a virtual team bonding is not impossible these days, just like building a virtual team is not impossible. Playing online games, using a common workspace, playing trivia games online, having breaks, creating polls, etc., are some ways you can strengthen your team’s bond.


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