Joe Biden’s Son Earns College Recommendation From Brown University Hunter Biden

Brown University Hunter Biden has an interesting history, one of which involves his meeting with a man named Jonathan Li during his vice-presidential trip to China. That trip, of course, was part of the president’s efforts to get a closer look at China’s economy. However, as with many of the president’s other interactions with Chinese businessmen, the relationship has not been completely smooth.

College Recommendation

A few months ago, Brown University Hunter Biden wrote a college recommendation letter on behalf of the son of a Chinese business partner of his son. This revelation is shocking. It’s just another example of how Hunter has been cashing in on his father’s political influence in corrupt countries.

Barack Obama

As a vice president under Barack Obama, Joe Biden was aware of his professional connections. He was also associated with a joint venture with Chinese investment firms. But he has denied being involved in his son’s business activities.

Fox News

However, a recent report from Fox News revealed emails that indicate he was consulted on his son’s college application. While it’s possible that he did attend Brown University, the university hasn’t commented on these claims.

The president of BHR, a Chinese investment firm, contacted Hunter to help his son get into college. Hunter Biden held a ten percent stake in BHR until last year.

CEO of Chinese

According to the New York Post, the letter that President Biden wrote was sent through FedEx. It was a recommendation letter for Jonathan Li, the CEO of a Chinese investment firm.

Joe Biden’s second son Hunter made a splash in December 2013 when he introduced Joe to a Chinese business partner during a vice presidential trip to China. Apparently, this was a major deal.

It was a deal involving the largest private energy company in China. And it’s not the first time that the Biden family has struck deals with the government of Beijing.

Air Force Two

The deal came after Hunter flew to China with his father on Air Force Two, and later met with Li, a director at Rosemont Seneca. As a part owner, Hunter received a 10 percent stake in BHR Partners, a company that is backed by some of the biggest state banks in China.

Although Joe Biden has never been involved in the venture, he has written a letter of recommendation for Li. This letter isn’t exactly a major deal, but it’s one of the things that his campaign said Joe did.

Vice President Joe Biden

In recent days, President Biden has been under federal investigation for his tax affairs. The matter began with a report from Fox News. Since then, the issue has been uncovered in more ways. It has been revealed that the former Vice President was paid by a shady energy company in Ukraine, and that his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, was involved in a covert deal with China.

The federal investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax affairs was announced on Tuesday. However, the issue is much more complicated than taxes. Several lawmakers have pledged to launch a series of investigations into Biden and his family.

Republicans say the investigation is more aggressive and will have more enforcement power than Democratic subpoenas. They may also be able to compel testimony from administration officials.

Federal Investigation of Hunter Biden

The federal investigation of Hunter Biden is part of an ongoing effort to determine whether he and his associates have violated money laundering laws. In particular, the investigation has focused on business dealings in China.

President Biden, who is a retired senator from Delaware, said that he was deeply proud of his son, Hunter Biden. The only son of former Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter has worked for his father for the past four years, first as an executive vice president and then as an attorney. He and his wife, Kathleen Buhle, are parents to three children, Beau, Naomi and Grace.

MBNA America

While serving as vice president, Brown University Hunter Biden lobbied for bankruptcy reform legislation that would have benefitted MBNA America, the company that employed his father. Later, MBNA was acquired by Bank of America. But in recent months, the company has faced a federal investigation involving potential tax crimes and money laundering. Although the investigation has yet to charge Hunter Biden, the former senator has admitted that he has committed a number of mistakes, and has publicly stated that he regrets many of his decisions.

Final Thoughts:

However, despite the ongoing federal investigation, the Biden family has remained largely untouched, with the exception of Hunter and his wife. In January, the US Attorney in Delaware, who had been appointed by President Trump, announced that the investigation has narrowed in on two charges, one involving an alleged false statement about the purchase of a gun, and another involving tax crimes.

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