Josh & Amelia Love Island: Pros & Cons 2023

If you’re a fan of Josh & Amelia Love Island then you may have noticed that the most popular couple this season are Joshua and Amelia. The couple is a dynamic duo that makes for a great reality show. They are very attractive and love to make you laugh. You can find out more about them here.

Iconic & Foxtel

This is not the sexiest cat in the bag article, it’s about Josh & Amelia Love Island Marni. It’s also about their new partnership with the Iconic and Foxtel.

Recent Instagram Post

The best part is that they’re still in each other’s arms. Although they dated for more than a year, it wasn’t all roses and sunshine. They’ve traveled the globe and have since moved in together. A recent Instagram post confirms it.

Josh & Amelia Love Island are the best of friends and have been since before they met on Love Island Australia in 2018. Their time in the spotlight has been relatively short, but the couple is a close-knit group who are more than willing to share their stories. The two lovebirds even have a podcast and YouTube channel to boot.

Public Appearances

Despite their public appearances, Josh and Amelia are still in a state of flux. In the past two months, the couple has managed to make the most of their free time while indulging in a bit of soul searching. As a result, the two aren’t as close as they used to be, though they are reportedly on the rebound.

Love Island Alumnae

The duo were also a couple of the more flamboyant members of the Love Island alumnae, but this isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, Josh and Amelia were a hot pair in the first season of the show, so there is certainly room for improvement. Interestingly, they were one of the most well matched pairs to make the cut, even if their relationship was not a long term commitment.

Jessie Wynter

Love Island Australia season two premieres tonight on ITVBe at 10pm. Fans are eager to see what happens when the new singles enter the villa. The show’s host, Sophie Monk, has to keep her head in the game as she attempts to find a match for the new group of contestants.

Love Island Season Two

There’s been a lot of drama on the show. Several couples have broken up, while others have remained together for years. Here’s what fans can expect from Love Island season two.

Jessie Wynter and Todd Elton were the last couple to get together on the show. They were based in Tasmania, but stayed together for about three months. But then they decided to end things in February. Despite having an adorable relationship, it seems that they just weren’t compatible.


Amelia and Josh have been together for a couple of years, and they are the last of the original Islanders to find love. They met on Love Island Australia season one, and are still going strong.

The duo launched a podcast, and have stayed in contact through Instagram. The two have even moved in together.

Fashion Label

As well as launching their own fashion label, Cabu, Charlie has continued to build his profile. He’s a self-confessed “fashion nerd” and has even appeared on the red carpet with his new beau, Aaron Waters.

Aside from their Instagram account, the couple also launched a clothing line. It is possible to see this as part of their winning entry for Love Island Australia, although Amelia does not seem to have a particular connection with the label.

Fellow Castmates

If you watched Josh & Amelia Love Island Australia in its first season, then you may have heard rumours about the relationship between Grant and Tayla and their fellow castmates. You may also have noticed that one of the couples is currently on their second recoupling.

There are a lot of dramas that have gone down on this show. Grant and Tayla, for example, got into a shady situation early on in the show. In fact, they broke up on Day 22.

Final Thoughts:

Then, there was Teddy, who was one of the newest boys on the show. He began dating fellow Islander Tayla. But, it didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, Tayla started dating Dom Thomas for a little while. She later dated fellow contestant Josh Moss. They split in October.

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