Key Benefits of Using Barcodes

When you are selling a variety of goods, whether in a brick-and-mortar store or an online store, you have to record a significant amount of data. 

Whether the data is for inventory keeping, price control purposes or actual point of sale records or financial record keeping, it’s a large amount of information to store and use, and you need to keep it for everything you order or personally package for sale. 

For this reason alone, it is extremely helpful to use a barcode system to keep track of everything, whether that involves using pre-created barcodes on product boxes or using a barcode maker to set up your own inventory system.

One of the first major benefits you will see in using barcodes for POS systems is that it automates the price for the consumer, leaving you without having to worry about personnel entering in the wrong pricing information at a register, or even entering in information at all (unless, of course, a new piece of inventory hasn’t been entered into your system yet). 

If you are selling online, it’s not even an issue; if anything, your inventory control system will record one item less in stock.

Another benefit of using barcodes is overall speed and efficiency, both in terms of POS and on backend business, especially in inventory management. On the POS side of business, in addition to errors being significantly reduced, barcodes also speed up the overall sales process. 

No prices are being entered manually (as you or staff program new products into the system ahead of offering them for sale), and the barcode scanning process takes roughly a second to register in your sales system. 

On the inventory side, once you have programmed in products to your inventory system, barcode scanning speeds up the regular inventory counting process significantly due to the fast scanning process.

Lastly, you can use the same barcode data for one product for both inventory and sales purposes, keeping your product records even more concise.

Also, you will benefit greatly from the overall low cost of printing and managing barcodes. Once you invest in a barcode inventory system, labels and ink are extremely low cost in general, allowing you to print and label a significantly large volume of product for little money.

According to Lightspeed, regardless of the upfront cost of a POS system, the amount of time and money saved over a number of years in terms of staffing and customer service is immeasurable.

While the usage of barcodes is not a new practice, it has never been less expensive or less accessible for any shop owner to purchase and implement one. Additionally, POS and inventory software that utilizes a barcode system has never been more accessible or more user-friendly than now, and it’s only going to get easier to implement as time goes on.

In fact, many systems work with easy to operate handheld tablets and other devices in a simple push-button interface, allowing you to train any staff even faster and more efficiently, and it all works thanks to the use of barcode scanning.

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