Knowing The Scalping Concept In Stock Trading?

Scalping is a short-term trading technique that involves executing a series of trades, each of which yields modest returns. The scalper sums up the little earnings from a significant quantity of trades at the end of the day, possibly leading to significant immediate profits. Scalping is a popular tactic among day traders due to the short time frame concerned. Since there are short intervals involved, the Blockchain-Jobz suits the scalping technique for traders best. 

A technique in the stock market for any trader is very important, otherwise one tends to get confused in this process. Hence to enable someone to make informed choices one must opt for a suitable trading technique for themselves. Scalping is one such trading technique that is used for trading purposes in the stock market.

Who Are Scalpers?

Before knowing the scalping technique in the stock market, one prior thing that must be known by all of us is “scalpers”. A scalper is someone who often enters and leaves the market quickly. It is a technique applied by him to yield benefits in the shortest span. This profit is generated from the minor price shifts. A scalper buys goods in larger amounts on demand as per the regular rates in the hope of selling such goods. The reselling is done so that scalper earns good profits from the sales so made.

How This Stock Scalping Functions:

First of all the scalper decides to choose those stocks that he wants to scalp. There are several prerequisites for this kind of trade, which are as follows:

  • The stocks that are comparatively high in terms of trading volume are considered best for this technique. A trader must have buyers ready when the scalper clicks on the sell button to exit the trade that is happening.
  • The key to having successful trading is the price action which the scalper wants to happen immediately. The traders present in the market look for the stock with the higher price fluctuations. Once stocks individually or in groups are decided, technical analysis is then performed by the trader. Here he decides the best place for making the entry points. To make profits in this process, the trader’s exit point is considered his first move to make profits. To make a solid entry in this process, the trader utilises real-time charts so that he can access his moves. When an opportunity is then found in this way, the scalper then being active on his PC enters the trade and keeps their PC on the sell button. This is the inaugural sign to make profits. This process is repeated every time a trader is involved in this trading process and thereby earns minor profits in a shorter period.

How Risk Management Shall Be Done In This Process:

  1.   While concentrating on making only profits, one shall always choose a stop loss point so that while making the profits, your one mistake does not wipe all the profits that you have made.
  2. Secondly, you should keep your emotions away from this process. Getting emotionally involved in this process will surely make you face losses.
  3.   Lastly, you must always be ready to take action as per the situation that comes your way. There are no chances for you to take off your attentiveness from the market and its prevailing situations.


The article has spoken about the scalping trading technique in the stock market. Since this technique has become quite famous, you must go through all its pros and cons. 


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