Labs Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney Theblock CEO More Bullish on Ethereum Than Bitcoin

ICOs aren’t dead, but the world is headed towards a Bitcoin and Ethereum-dominated future. The CEO of Labs Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney Theblock is more bullish on Ethereum than in other parts of the crypto space. This is in line with the general narrative that the crypto industry is destined to become more consolidated in the years to come.

Bad Accounting & Misleading Information

While initial coin offerings have been plagued by bad accounting and misleading information, they’re not dead. In fact, the first two quarters of 2018 saw ICOs raise over $12 billion. This is a tremendous success, given that they raised more than $4 billion last year alone.

Most Startups

Although there are some problems with the market, it is not as bad as many people make it out to be. For one thing, most startups are no longer trying to be the next Bitcoin. The market is well-established, so they’re looking for unique ways to add a twist to the formula, offering a technology that offers distinct advantages over traditional offerings. This is one reason why ICOs are not dead.

While ICO’s aren’t dead, there is a lot of hype around them. The Bitcoin bubble made ICOs extremely popular, but since then, the market has slowed down. While there are fewer projects, the quality of those projects is likely to improve. As a result, more original ideas will emerge.


One of the best ways to promote an ICO is to reach out to influencers. One way to do this is by writing articles. Articles can reach your target audience and boost SEO.

There’s a certain irony that the first big Ethereum and Bitcoin Merge will be an anticlimactic event, but it’s not all bad news. For one thing, traders have been running up the price of Ether ahead of the merge, profiting from the anticipation of the event. Ultimately, the Ethereum narrative is very similar to the story of other technology breakthroughs, like the web browser, broadband, streaming, and fintech. It’ll be a test, but it won’t be the denouement, and it’s a story that has been written.

Investment Firm

In a recent article, Labs Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney Theblock CEO says he is “much more bullish on Ethereum” than Bitcoin. The investment firm says the cryptocurrency market is maturing and cryptocurrencies are not as correlated as in the past. But recent headlines have temporarily halted the momentum in the $2 trillion market.

One reason is that Labs Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney Theblock, a financial exchange based in the Bahamas, is in talks with over 20 companies about moving their headquarters to the country. The reason is that the Bahamas’ legislation is clear and has fewer regulatory issues than in the U.S., where the FCC and CFTC are at odds over regulating cryptocurrency. The Bahamas also has a regulatory structure that is not a mess like the one we have now, where all crypto is regulated by a single regulatory body.

Previous Round of Funding

Labs Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney Theblock was an investor in The Block in a previous round of funding. Its CEO, Jack McDonald, also invested in PolySign and MG Stover. The two companies were among the first to tap the public markets. Coinbase reported quarterly revenues of $1 billion and employed more than 3,000 people. However, the stock price has dropped significantly since its April debut. It is now down more than 31%. This is because the company’s revenue is dependent on trading fees.

Final Words:

Despite the decline in price of cryptocurrencies, private equity firms are not shying away from spending and building ICOs. Private equity companies are more aggressive than VCs and are not afraid to invest. However, it’s still early in the crypto market.

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