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Laura San Giacomo: How Far Did Quigley Shoot?

Laura San Giacomo premise of the film is intriguing, but the execution is weak. It relies on Tom Selleck’s bumbling character to sell a mediocre story, and it’s hard to believe that a man could play a woman with Minnie Mouse features and have her character be so ridiculously out of place in 1880s Australia. The script also lacks any real direction, and it is a tad overlong and implausible.

American Cowboy

In the 1990 western Quigley Down Under, Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman, and Laura San Giacomo star. The story revolves around an American cowboy, Matthew Quigley, who has a rifle modified to shoot incredibly long distances. One day he sees a newspaper ad for a “cowboy” who can shoot people at incredible distances. To get the job, Quigley answers it by typing out the words he would like to use to answer it. His response results in six bullet holes and four words.

Young Woman

The movie opens in Freemantle, Western Australia. In the gangplank, Quigley smacks an arrogant man down the gangplank. In a street brawl, she discovers a young woman named Crazy Cora, who is being sold for her ladyparts. The burly men send a team of burly men to rescue her. After the mission is complete, Quigley’s wife, Laura, and her daughter decide to take him back.

Australian Western

How far did Quigley shoot? is a 1990 Australian western directed by Simon Wincer and starring Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman, and Laura San Giacomo. The story is about a cowboy named Matthew Quigley who has an extraordinary rifle and can shoot people from extraordinary distances. In the first scene, he responds to a newspaper advertisement with four words and six bullet holes, while the movie is littered with bullet holes.


In this 1990 Australian western, Laura San Giacomo plays a cowgirl who is being tricked by an abusive husband. She accidentally knocks a burly man down on the gangplank and finds that the woman is being herded onto a wagon for sale. But she is being chased by the burly men and ends up on a rock.

In a 1990 Australian film, “How far did Quigley shoot?” starred Laura San Giacomo and Alan Rickman. The film was a huge hit in 1989 and was a sensational success. The movie is a humorous tale of two men with extraordinary rifles and an equally sexy girl. In the end, the title character is a lovable, strong woman.

Alan Rickman

The plot of Quigley Down Under is an Australian western directed by Simon Wincer and starring Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman, and Laura San Giacomo. It’s about an American cowboy who is gifted with a gun. He answers a newspaper ad with a four-word reply, but the result is a bullet-riddled land.

In the 1990 Australian film, “How far did Quigley shoot?” stars Alan Rickman, Laura San Giacomo, and Tom Selleck. The film’s premise is about a cowboy with a customised rifle. He can shoot over a thousand feet and six inches, and has the ability to kill a dozen people with one shot.

Lady Parts

As the name implies, the movie opens on a port in Freemantle, Western Australia, where she smacks a rude man down a gangplank. After a few minutes, she stumbles across a street brawl, and then tries to stop the madness. She later finds a girl named Crazy Cora, who is being sold for her lady parts.

Final Words:

‘How far did Quigley shoot?’ was a flop for a number of reasons. While the plot and characters are interesting, it lacks the chemistry between the two leads. The movie’s focus on the love triangle between San Giacomo and Selleck is uninspired, and the film’s ending feels disjointed.


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