Leh Ladakh Trip

Ladakh is ruled by only one force, that’s purely NATURE. The region is straight out of a folk or fairy tale with such a scenic view. The landscape is dotted with small stupas built by locals, blue azure lakes, deserts flanked by rugged mountains and much more.

These mountain ranges are going to be the rigid companions through most of the trip. One would feel small and intimidating as Lilliput in the land of giant mountains.The occupancy at Leh Ladakh is a setting defended with the blue-white skies, blue-green highlands and seren snow-white ends with the relaxed blue water of the lake and luxurious green grass. It’s truly a mesmerising experience to float through the trails of Leh Ladakh via road relishing the moments, scenery and beauty. This place is called “the roof-top of the world” as with the reference of its high altitude and location at peak with such a breathtaking panoramic vibe and views. 

The vertical lands bunked with snow mirrored the divine skies, loud tributaries stream from side to side to these alps creating an extremely attractive mixture of vision and echoes. Each and every thing around existed an echo point. Scream, pour your heart out and sense the magic to hear the echo echoing from the peaks back to you. It was really worth enjoying the beauty of nature by being on top of the world. It is only in Ladakh one can undergo sunstroke and frostbite at the same time.

Places to visit during Leh Ladakh trip

Ladakh is an absolute gorgeous spot to feed the wanderlust and explore the beauty;

Pangong Lake: An amusing feature of the lake is that it changes colours everyday, from azure to light blue to green, grey and so on! It kept stunning the visitors throughout.The Pangong changes 9 colors in 24 hours which is soothing to our minds.

Zanskar Valley: Nothing can surely match the beauty and splendour of Zanskar which is the remotest valley of Ladakh.This valley is a perfect hideout for the nature enthusiasts or travel junkies seeking the serene and tranquil ambience that is perfect to spend some quiet holidays listening to musical chirping of birds or simply soaking the soul in the enchanting aura of mystical sunrises and sunsets. It is an untouched  valley laid inside the beautiful higher Himalayas. 

Magnetic Hill:The hill possesses magnetic properties strong enough to pull heavy vehicles uphill because of the anti-gravity mechanism.

Khardung La:  It’s better known as the ‘highest motorable road in the world’.You will find snow here and temperature always below 10%.

Nubra Valley: The cold breeze in the Nubra Valley makes us feel overwhelmed and refreshed.

Leh Palace,Thiksey, Hemis, Spituk, Chemrey, Shey, Phugtal  Monasteries, Shanti Stupa, Tso Morriri, Taglang La, Hemis National Park etc. list goes on and on.

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Food to try during the Leh Ladakh trip

Come fall in love with Savour different dishes and cuisines prepared by the locals. Ladakh serves a variety of Tibetan, Korean, Chinese, and Continental dishes.Ladakhi fields are known for the cultivation of rice, potatoes, pumpkins, beetroot, and beans.

Top dishes that should definitely be on your menu while you are in Ladakh;

Momos: Dumplings filled with meat or veggies wrapped in dough.

Thukpa: It is the staple food of the people of Ladakh. It is a soupy noodle dish with assorted vegetables or minced meat.

Skyu: Soup-based traditional speciality dish containing veggies and dough kneaded into flattened thumb-sized balls.

Chhutagi,Tingmo,Chhurpe (dried yak cheese), Butter tea, Chhang, Khambir,Apricot Jam and so on.

Points to remember during the Leh Ladakh trip

  • Only Postpaid sim cards work there.
  • Carry good quality woolens , socks , inners, jackets, boots and hand gloves. Try to dress yourself in layers. Sunscreen,lip balm and goggles are a must as well. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated .Always carry water with you.Also keep chocolates and dry fruits with you as they are good energy sources in case you are feeling low from an energy point of view.
  • For some areas permits are required for Indian Nationals as well.
  • If travelling via road, personal vehicle or rental bike, get a fuel tank full at Leh and also carry some extra fuel in cans, tool kit,puncture kit, spare parts, extra clutch cables, accelerator cables, fuses, tubes, air pump etc. along.
  • Keep First Aid kit -Diamox tablets must 

Altitude acclimatisation is the most important part of planning your trip to Ladakh that means to give the body complete rest and let it get used to the reduced oxygen levels in Ladakh.

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