Liam Love Island – Who’s Going to Be Evicted Next?

Liam Love Island may have won the competition, but he’s not the only one who’s leaving the show this year. Other contestants on the show include David Llewellyn, Jacques, Millie Court, Luca and Gemma Owen. But which of these is likely to be evicted next?

David Llewellyn

Liam Love Island contestant Liam Llewellyn has made the decision to leave the show early. He will announce his departure to the cast and crew by calling them to the fire pit. However, he may not stay single for long. It’s possible he’ll be dumped if he doesn’t find a partner.

The last time Liam was on the show, he was paired with Gemma Owen. But this relationship didn’t last. They split after just a few days. On the flip side, Davide Sanclimenti, an Italian newbie, picked out Gemma for his mate.

In the meantime, Liam has been busy pursuing a Masters’ degree in Strength and Conditioning. He has also appeared on spin-off show Aftersun.

Millie Court

The split of Millie Court and Liam Reardon has been widely discussed. They were both winners of the show, but they recently announced they had separated. Although they had been in a long-term relationship, rumors of unfaithfulness started to circulate online.

When it came to Love Island, Millie and Liam had their fair share of drama. Their relationship seemed to be growing stronger, but the couple eventually broke up. And, even after their split, it’s not been easy for them.

Earlier this month, the pair announced they had parted ways. It’s been a rough few months for them. But, they insist that their split was amicable.

Luca and Gemma

In season eight of Love Island, Luca and Gemma have been crowned the runner-ups. They’ve been a fan favorite throughout the show, and their relationship has been documented in a number of videos uploaded to social media.

Luca and Gemma have faced challenges throughout the show, but their chemistry is strong. As a result, the couple is getting stronger as a couple. It’s also clear that they’re deeply in love.

Gemma and Luca met on Love Island, and were subsequently coupled up in the villa. The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner and a quiet moment on the patio.

The duo were crowned the runner-ups on Day 58. However, it wasn’t long after that they were split up.


If you haven’t heard of Jacques Love Island on Liam Love Island, you may be wondering what it’s all about. It’s a show which is available on ITV2 and is a reality show starring contestants in love. The show is a reality television series which sees couples living in a villa.

Adam Collard & Paige Thorne

This year’s edition has been packed with drama. One of the contestants has left the villa after a series of events. In addition, there has been an expulsion from the villa after a verbal bust-up. Another contestant quit the show because he felt unsuitable. There has also been a major rift between Adam Collard and Paige Thorne.

Eviction from Love Island 2022

Love Island is a reality TV show that airs on ITV2. Each week a group of contestants compete in the villa for a love connection. Those that struggle to make a romantic connection are sent home. The winner receives $50,000.

Most Compatible

The public vote helped save some couples from elimination. The four couples with the fewest votes were in jeopardy. Viewers voted for the couples that were the most compatible.

The final couple was chosen by the fellow Islanders. Those that were single after recoupling were put in danger. Those that were vulnerable included Dami Hope and Amber Beckford.

Love Island is currently on air and will continue on Friday night on ITV2. Fans can catch the live instalments on ITV2 from 9pm.

Gemma Owen

Liam Llewellyn is a 22-year-old student from Wales. He was paired up with Gemma Owen on the ITV2 dating show. But he wasn’t hitting it off with anyone. So he decided to quit the show.

Liam Llewellyn left Love Island on Friday. It’s a sad moment for him. His dad is a former rugby player and his grandfather was into horses and boxing. And he’s got a famous relative in the villa.

Final Words:

Liam’s departure was not unexpected. According to reports, he was “really upset” when his father hopped on a plane to be with him. However, he explained that his decision to leave was not made lightly. Rather, he had been thinking about it for a while.

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