List of Upcoming Movies that Action Lovers Must Watch


While last year was satisfying for action film buffs, this year seems more thrilling. Many movies of all budgets are scheduled for streaming and theatrical release this year. Let’s explore some of the upcoming movie releases that you must watch!


  • The Batman 

This film is disconnected from previous Batman films. This action movie focuses on the Caped Crusader. The movie will follow Rober Pattinson (Bruce Wayne) in his 2nd year as a vigilante keeping the city of Gotham safe from Colin Farrell (The Penguin). Action fans have been uncertain about this film since its announcement. But, after watching its trailer, the film has been hugely hyped. Matt Reeves brings a gritty and dark story to film lovers and showcases Batman’s skills as a martial artist and detective. 


  • Operation Fortune 

This is an American action-comedy movie. It was scripted by Marn Davie, Ivan Atkinson, and Guy Ritchie and directed by Ritchie. Operation Fortune features top stars such as Hugh Grant, Bugzy Malone, Cary Elwes, Josh Hartnett, Aubrey Plaza, and Jason Statham. Orson Fortune, the super spy in the film with his team, recruits Danny Francesco, a top movie star, to assist them as an undercover on a mission to capture Greg Simmonds, arms broker from selling deadly weapons. Operation Fortune is slated to be released by STX Entertainment. However, its release date hasn’t been specified. It was initially slated for January 21 and was later changed to March 18, 2022. 


  • Mission Impossible 7

This is another upcoming American action spy movie. Christopher McQuarrie is the director of this film. Mission Impossible 7 will be an installment of the Mission Impossible series. It is the 3rd installment directed by Christopher, after Fallout and Rogue Nation. It features popular stars, including Frederick Schmidt, Vanessa Kirby, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Henry Czerny, Ving Rhames, and Tom Cruise. All these stars will maintain their roles from the previous series. The 7th installment will feature various newcomers, including Cary Elwes, Mark Gatiss, Indira Varma, Charles Parnell, Rob Delaney, Esai Morales, Shea Whigham, Pom Klementieff, and Hayley Atwell. It is slated for release in 2023. 


  • Bullet Train

This is an upcoming action comedy movie. The movie was scripted by Zak Olkewicz and directed by Leitch. The movie was adapted from Maria Beetle’s Japanese novel-Bullet Train. It features Martinez Ocasio, Benito “Bad Bunny”, Michael Shannon, Hiroyuki Sanada, Andrew Koji, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Brad Pitt. Ladybug wants to surrender in the film, but he is pulled in back by Maria Beetle, his handler, to collect a bag on the bullet trains heading to Morioka from Tokyo. Once onboard, Ladybug and other rival assassins discover that their goals are connected. This film is slated for release on July 15, 2022. 


  • Extraction 2

This film is one of the most hyped upcoming action thriller films set to be released in 2022. The movie is scripted by Joe Russo and directed by Sam Hargrave. Extraction 2 is based on Ande Parks’ novel called Ciudad. Extraction 2 will follow from a no-limits modern action movie. Chris Hemsworth will be playing the role of Tyler Rake. The first movie rapidly became the most-watched film on Netflix because of the intense fight and gritty action sequences that put the protagonist at the forefront of contemporary action stardom. Chris is the only star that has been confirmed to return. The film is set in a more Arctic climate based on the cover images, which is completely different from the setting of Extraction 1. This movie is slated for release latest 2022!


  • Ambulance 

This upcoming American action thriller movie is set to be released this year. The producer of this film is Michael Bay. It is co-produced by Bay Films, Project X Entertainment, Endeavor Content, and New Republic Pictures. The movie features Eiza Gonzalez, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It is about two adoptive siblings, bank robbers. The siblings steal an ambulance occupied by an officer in a severe condition and a paramedic. The film is slated for release on April 8, 2022!


  • The Northman

This is another upcoming action movie that action film buffs must watch. The movie was co-written by Sjón and Eggers and directed by Robert Eggers. It is set in Iceland at the turn of the 10th century. It features Alexander Alexander Skarsgård. Alexander plays the role of a Viking prince who sets out on a vengeance mission for the death of his uncle. Other stars featured in the film include Willem Dafoe, Björk, Ethan Hawke, Anya Taylor-Joy, Claes Bang, and Nicole Kidman. This epic action film is slated for release on April 22, 2022!

There you go! These are some of the top upcoming movies that action movie fans must watch. If you’re an action buff, be sure to check them out.

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