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The family name Lofet was first found in Ireland. Our family history products’ PDF and printed versions include the Lofet surname history. In 1630, Daniel Lovett and his wife Mary settled in Salem, Massachusetts. Their children, Mary, Gertrude, and Robert, arrived in Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Between 1840 and 1865, this family lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Represents a Positive Vibration

The Lofet family first settled in Ireland around the 1700s. Before settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the family moved to Salem, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The Lofet ancestors came to the U.S. in the 1800s, settling in Philadelphia and eventually the rest of Pennsylvania.

The last name Lofet is of Russian origin. The first vowel in this name means love, and the number four represents a positive vibration. Although the Lofet family is most common in Papua New Guinea, their roots are in the Eastern Highlands. The family originally emigrated from Russia.

Good Choice for a First Name

The Russian last name Lofet has positive vibrations. The first vowel, ‘Lofet,’ is pronounced ‘lofet.’ The first letter is love. The number four is also a positive vibration. The name is a good choice for a first name as it is laid-back, lofty, and adventurous.

The first vowel of the name means “love.” The fourth vowel, ‘fet,’ is the first vowel of the term. The family originated in Papua New Guinea, and the word ‘Lofet’ has Russian roots. The word ‘Lofet’ is often spelled ‘Lofet.’

Clan of Irish Descent

The history of the Lofet family is fascinating. This clan of Irish descent was first recorded in Ireland and then spread to Ireland. In 1630, Daniel Lovett and his four daughters settled in Salem, Massachusetts. The next generation came to the United States. Robert, Mary, and Daniel Lovett landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between 1640 and 1865.

The origins of the Lofet name date back to Ireland and are unknown, but they were first found in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1630. The earliest Lofet ancestors were Irish and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between 1840 and 1865. They are found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they were most prominent in the 19th century.

Most Common Name Globally

The name Lofet derives from a Russian surname. The first vowel means “love,” The number four has a positive vibration. The first family members immigrated to Salem, Massachusetts, in 1630 and eventually settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The family subsequently spread throughout the United States.

The last name Lofet comes from Russia and is the fifth most common name globally. Its distinctive personality makes it an excellent choice for first names and a unique surname. The first vowel, “lofe,” represents love. The middle vowel, “o,” signifies practicality, adventure, and loft.

Excellent Choice for First Names

The last name Lofet is of Russian origin and is the fifth most common globally. It’s a comfortable, laid-back surname that’s also an excellent choice for first names. The first vowel of the word represents love, and the second vowel is a symbol of loftiness.

The family’s first ancestor, Daniel Lovett, migrated to America from Ireland in 1630. The Lofet clan settled in Virginia and Pennsylvania but later moved to Salem, Massachusetts. The family’s homes were lofty and featured attics. A healthy snack, these are ideal for gift-giving.

Six Members of The Lofet Family

The name Lofet is of Irish origin. The first members of the Lovett family settled in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1630. Other members of the family included Mary, Gertrude, and Robert. They then migrated to the colonies, settling between 1640 and 1865. In addition, the names of William, George, and Robert were found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between 1840 and 1865.

The early records of the Lofet family can be traced back to Ireland, where Daniel and his sons settled in 1550. In 1630, Robert, Mary, and Daniel Lovett settled in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1635, they immigrated to Virginia and then settled in Philadelphia. Between 1840 and 1865, six members of the Lofet family settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The Lofet-Family has a varied geographic distribution, although the first vowel ‘O’ reflects ‘love.’ It is a low-level family name, though it is most common in Papua New Guinea. The ‘lofet-fet’-Family’s first name is ‘lofet.

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