Mercy Smart Square Nursing Software

Mercy smart square is the latest software from Mercy nursing care in Michigan. It is intended to provide a cost-effective and convenient clinical data management solution to healthcare facilities nationwide. This software comes as part of a nine-part package called the Mercy Suite. It can be used in facilities like hospitals, home health care agencies, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and others.

Reduces Your Paperwork

Healthcare workers no longer have to worry about data entry errors when entering data into patient records. This helps reduce paperwork, which can also save money. Instead, they can focus on other important tasks, like addressing urgent calls or ensuring that each patient has the right medication. These tasks, once accomplished, allow healthcare facilities to respond quickly to emergency situations. As a result, patients receive the best possible care, and healthcare facilities can focus on their core services.

Modules Of System

The system comes with four modules, each divided between patient care, patient education, practice management, and financial control. In addition, nurses can enter data about their patients through the Practice Management module. This enables them to monitor, and track patient care details, as well as updating information on patient accounts. With easy navigation, nurses can enter all kinds of information: demographics; immunizations; laboratory and diagnostic results; vital signs; test results; medications; patient reminders; appointments; and more. The software automatically generates reports and graphs and allows nurses to print these reports at any time.

Usage Of Innovative Method

The Mercy Smart Square nursing software uses an innovative data-cleansing method that purges data duplicates and erroneous data. This technique prevents inaccurate or incomplete data from being included in the system. This eliminates the need for nurses and administrators to waste time correcting inconsistent or useless data. This software is especially useful for large institutions, such as teaching hospitals, where there may be a large number of duplicate records.

Another important benefit of the software is that it provides convenient access to previous months’ nursing data. For example, if a nurse leaves the hospital setting and intends to start a private practice, they can easily pull up their data from their former position. If they wish, they can import their data from their former position onto the new platform at anytime. Using the data-cleansing method that is provided by this system, the accuracy of the information is guaranteed.

Review Your Notes Online

The software also allows nurses to enter and review their notes online. This saves time when organizing record keeping. Also, it provides access to all patient files, including appointment schedules. Because this software is accessible on a secure network, it eliminates the fear of hacking. It also reduces the frustration of having to use complicated passwords and logins. Furthermore, nurses are able to view their notes in real-time via the internet.

While many hospitals have begun to use this software, it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for a qualified human administrator. It does provide an extra layer of security and may be used in conjunction with a human administrator to reduce administrative stress. The main purpose of this software is to improve communication between staff members. By allowing staff members to access notes and calendars online, it provides an easier and more efficient way to do so.

Mercy Smart Square nursing software has several benefits over traditional systems. This software is affordable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it allows for greater productivity within the walls of a hospital.

Implementation At Workplace

In order to maximize the potential of this software, nurses must know how to best implement it within their workplace. In addition to being able to update information online, nurses also need to be equipped to schedule appointments, send out emails, and track patient status. The program also allows nurses to store contacts, which can prove to be very beneficial in case of a medical emergency. Some nurses may find it helpful to set up a separate account for patient information.

Although the system is relatively simple to install, it is important that nurses dedicate some time to familiarizing themselves with the software. The interface is fairly simple and only requires users to click on “start” and “done.” In order to get the most out of the software, it is advisable for users to become accustomed to how everything works. Once fully installed, it will continue to work with no help from the user, but some type of maintenance may be necessary. This is normally done by contacting the vendor for any problems.


There are several different versions of the software currently available, each one focusing on a particular nursing field. For nurses who are already comfortable with the computer and internet, or who are considering a career in healthcare, the software makes a great investment. Not only does it allow for complete control of a large number of patients’ records, but it also allows nurses to make better patient-friendly decisions, which can improve their performance.

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