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Mike Hostilo Law Firm: Personal Injury Attorneys to Trust

If you’re in need of legal advice and representation, consider the Mike Hostilo Law Firm. For over twenty years, Mike Hostilo has been helping injury victims throughout Georgia. As a former college athlete, he understands how to fight for compensation. You can schedule a free consultation with him to learn more about your case. You’ll be surprised at how much you can gain from an initial consultation.

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Mike Hostilo is an Atlanta-based attorney whose law firm has been serving those in need for nearly three decades. His passion for the law and zeal to achieve the best results for his clients has earned him the title of “Intense Negotiator.” His reputation as an aggressive advocate for accident victims has been established. In addition, he is a supportive leader of his elite legal team. Mike is the son of a career Marine and Japanese native, who immigrated to the United States during the turbulent 1960s. As an interracial couple, his parents faced many challenges in their new home.

Since 1993, Mike Hostilo and his team have helped injured individuals seek justice for their losses. They have a proven track record of success and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of injury victims. Regardless of the severity of your accident or the circumstances surrounding your claim, Mike Hostilo is a personal injury lawyer to trust. They will take the time to listen to your story and assess the value of your case.

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The Mike Hostilo Law Firm is a renowned personal injury law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm has represented thousands of accident victims over the last 30 years and has won millions of dollars in settlements. Attorney Mike Hostilo is a native of Savannah, Georgia and earned his Juris Doctorate from Atlanta Law School. He has also taken on part-time jobs to help finance his education. Mike focused his practice on accident cases and established offices throughout Georgia.

Dedicated to personal injury law, Mike has successfully represented clients in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina for nearly a decade. Currently, his law firm has offices in Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, and Macon. You can reach him through his website or through various social media channels. To reach him directly, call the office or chat live. He will promptly return your call.

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If you are looking for a social security lawyer in Savannah, Georgia, you have come to the right place. Mike Hostilo is an attorney and he specializes in the area of car accidents, including those involving ride-share services. Other areas of expertise include drunk driving, commercial law, land and succession law, Islamic law, and civil procedure law. His background is diverse, but his practice focuses primarily on these areas.

Born in Savannah, Georgia, Mike Hostilo is a native of the Southeast. His parents immigrated to America in the 1960s, which was a time of bigotry, so interracial couples faced many social challenges. During this time, Mike Hostilo was an only child, and he learned the importance of self-control, persistence, and being open-minded. Afterwards, he attended the University of Georgia and earned his law degree from the Atlanta Law School. During his time in law school, Mike worked in different jobs, including newspaper delivery, construction, truck driving, security, and more.


A former football player, Mike Hostilo is a passionate personal injury attorney. He has practiced law for nearly three decades, earning an outstanding reputation as a tough negotiator. With a passion for helping injury victims, he has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for his clients. With a deep commitment to his clients’ well-being, Mike Hostilo believes that the settlement check he writes is a life-changing event for a victim.

While a college student, he has served as a court-appointed attorney in criminal cases. He grew up in Savannah, Georgia, and is married to a Savannah native, Nicole Lynn Sherman. His practice, Hostilo Law Firm, is located in Savannah, GA, near the University of Georgia. In addition to personal injury and criminal defense, he also specializes in commercial law, family law, and land law, succession and trust and estate planning law. He also serves the community by serving the Georgia Legal Services Program.

who perform dangerous activities for the public good

A Georgia native, Mike Hostilo practices law in Savannah. A skilled negotiator, he has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for accident victims. Known as “The Strongarm,” Mike gets winded just lifting kale from a salad. He is also an advocate for workers who perform dangerous activities for the public good. In his office, he represents clients in workers’ compensation cases.

Final Words:

His law firm focuses on workplace injury cases. He is a skilled attorney with 25 years of experience in workers’ compensation claims. He also offers free consultations to discuss your case. His firm has been practicing for over 25 years, and he has helped many people get the compensation they deserve. He will aggressively pursue your claim and seek compensation for your medical bills. This law firm is located at 5225 Abercorn St in Savannah, GA.


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