Modern Millionaires Review – Is Lead Flipping Scam?

If you’re reading this, you are probably already familiar with the Internet marketing industry. 

Most likely you’ve come into contact with more than a few scams and other fake programs trying to take advantage of your hard-earned money.

So when you hear about the training program Modern Millionaires, which promises to help you build a 7-figures digital marketing agency, you may think this is just another get-rich-quick scheme.

That’s why in this review we’ll help you figure out the truth, sharing the top 7 data you must know before joining them. 

Let ‘s get started. 

What’s the Modern Millionaires system?

As mentioned above, Modern Millionaires is an online marketing course that teaches you how to start your own profitable lead generation business

It’s a 20-hour video course, broken into four easy-to-follow modules. 

The program covers topics such as how to get clients even if you have no experience, generate leads for local businesses using Google Ads and scale and automate your business so you can climb to the 7-figures without breaking your back account.

What’s inside Modern Millionaires?

Here’s how the Modern Millionaires’ course outline looks like:


  • Module 1: The Basics 
  • Module 2: Prospecting
  • Module 3A, 3B, 3C: Traffic Acquisition
  • Module 4: Scale & Automate

You’ll only get full access to this training if you join them through their DIY or DWY packages. 

Let me explain this:

The Modern Millionaires system offers three different sign-up options you can choose according to your needs. These are:


  • Done-for-you package (DFY): This package is designed for those who wish to get their hands on the money instantly and don’t have the time to learn how the system works. You won’t get access to the training we mentioned above, but in turn, you’ll have the Modern Millionaires’ working for you to build your lead generation agency in no time. 
  • Done-with-you package (DWY): This option will allow you to get your hands on the Modern Millionaires system’s training materials, and work in your business shoulder-to-shoulder with their team. 
  • Do-it-yourself package (DIY): This package will guide you through all the Modern Millionaires training programs on your own without any customized help from the Modern Millionaires system. You still get access to the community and weekly live calls, though. 

7 data you should know about Modern Millionaires

  • Modern Millionaires teaches a proven and profitable business model

One of the best things about Modern Millionaires is that you’ll be learning from people who have already done it. 

They’ve applied their knowledge to the local market, and they’re now reaping the benefits. If you’re looking for a business model that has been proven to pay off, this is a great place to start.

  • Modern Millionaires’ course content is really valuable

There is no doubt that the course content of Modern Millionaires is really valuable. We’re impressed by the quality and scope of their material. 

It’s a huge amount of work they’ve done to create it, and now they share it with you for a very reasonable price.

You get an outstanding value for your money!

  •  Modern Millionaires provides access to a huge exclusive Facebook community

There are many benefits to joining the Modern Millionaires community. 

One benefit is that it helps you connect with other like-minded people who are on their way to becoming millionaires or already have become millionaires.

 Because there’s such a large number of members, it’s easy to find someone in the community who has a similar situation to yours, so it’s easy to find someone who can relate and help out when needed.

Another great benefit is that there’s such an abundance of resources available (links, weekly live calls, Q&As…) for you to read whenever you want. This gives you “food for thought” everyday which ultimately helps you learn new things and keep improving your lead gen business.

  • Modern Millionaires team is made up of proven successful marketers

Modern Millionaires team is made up of proven successful marketers who have actually built million dollar businesses. They are sharing this information with you to help you succeed and not just take your money.

The best part?

They provide 1 on 1 coaching, so that all your questions can be answered live and on the spot while they are working with you. You will be able to see their screens, hear their voice, and ask questions as they work live with you.

  • Modern Millionaires is always updating its content

Modern Millionaires is always updating its content and keeping up with the current trends. 

This is important because it means that when you are ready to take action, you will have access to all the latest cutting edge strategies and tactics to build your online business.

  • The information Modern Millionaires provides is clear and easy to understand

The information Modern Millionaires provides is clear and easy to understand. It isn’t a bunch of mumbo-jumbo or anything that’s going to be hard to understand. 

Most people in the world don’t really have a problem understanding the way to build a lead generation business from scratch, it’s just that they need a little bit of assistance in the right direction. 

Modern Millionaires provides so much helpful information that you will be able to easily understand what you need to do. It’s definitely not written on a college level, which is why most people can understand it. 

It’s written in a way that anyone can learn from it and apply it to their lives right away.

  • Both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs can start their businesses with Modern Millionaires

Modern Millionaires is such a great resource, because it’s made for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

As a beginner, it will help you start your dream business without wasting time or money on stuff that doesn’t work. They’ll give you a clear blueprint and support along the way.

If you’ve already built a business, Modern Millionaires can also help you grow by giving you access to information and resources that you might not otherwise know how to get. 

It’s all about networking: if you want to get something done, you’re more likely to find a way if you’re hanging out with people who already know how to do it. 

And as we’ve already mentioned, one of the strengths of joining this program is that you’ll also be joining their network—it’s a huge community of successful business owners who frequently share information and support each other as they go about growing their businesses.

So, should you join the Modern Millionaires system?

The way we see it, the answer is pretty clear:

Modern Millionaires is not just another mentorship program. No, it’s not just a “how to find leads and make some sales” course either. 

Rather, it’s a system of training that teaches you how to use one specific business model (lead flipping), then gives you the tools and resources to apply the concepts and skills learned, so you can start earning money right away. 

The Modern Millionaires program is here to help you succeed and will be with you every step of the way.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality program, with coaching, a huge community and a wide range of done-for-you resources, Modern Millionaires is the right option. 


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