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Motorsport filmmaker Charlotte Fantelli tells us why she loves the sport on the release of her latest documentary: Hunt Vs Lauda; The Next Generation

The rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda inspired a generation of F1 fans and captured the imagination of millions in Ron Howard’s hit film Rush. Now, one generation on from the infamous 1976 season, which saw James Hunt take the world title after Niki Lauda’s horrific accident, the family rivalry is reignited in new film: Hunt Vs Lauda; The Next Generation. 

We speak to Charlotte Fantelli the Director and Producer, upon its release. 

Hi Charlotte, thank you for chatting with us today. What a great film. What inspired you to make it?

Thank you, well I can’t take credit for the idea, that came from a lovely chap, Jose Thomas, who came up with it when the two guys (Freddie Hunt and Mathias Lauda) were racing for him in the MRF series back in 2014. The story came to me through a mutual contact and the second it did it piqued my interest. I have always been a petrolhead and of course had made a few racing films previously, so to be involved with the two biggest families in F1 history excited me greatly. 

You’ve made motorsport docs in the past, what drew you to the sport?

I’ve always loved racing, the adrenaline, the smell of the engines. Funnily enough it started with bikes when my mum worked for ‘The Big Bike Company’ over 20 years ago. I was around dirt and grease and bikes from a very young age. I always loved the sound, the smell and the freedom I felt travelling fast. When I got my own car it was around the time Fast and Furious had just come out and needless to say I got myself into a little bit of trouble. 

Years later I went into business with Simon Dolan, who had a racing team at the time ‘Jota Sport’, he invited me and the family along to watch them race. I instantly fell in love with endurance racing as it ticked all the boxes for me. It pushed the drivers and the cars above the limits and kept them there hour after hour, after hour. It was exhilarating and I knew I wanted to capture how it felt and bring to film a glimpse I had into that world, and hopefully make others feel something too. 

What can racing fans expect from Hunt Vs Lauda; The Next Generation?

I’d like to think this film has something for everyone, it has some history, some great archive, an exclusive interview with Niki Lauda, insights into the racing families and of course the men themselves. Furthermore it has some great racing for the sports fans and naturally handsome guys competing against each other for the ladies! Call me old fashioned but as a child of the 80s I think these ingredients are still the perfect mix for a film. 

I think the big question is are the sons like their fathers?

I think this is a question that will attract a lot of people to the film for sure, and the answer does not disappoint; Freddie is the picture of his handsome playboy father, with the same wild maverick style and fierce talent, while Matt as you would expect is the epitome of cool, being calm, calculated and driven. Both men have a lot of the same charisma, passion and heart that made their fathers legends, but what I really think is even more interesting is how they themselves are motivated and driven. 

It is great to compare, as of course this film does, but what I believe we achieved more than anything, is to show these men as individuals. A testament to this came on the premiere night, by the end race the cinema was buzzing with people on the edge of their seat rooting for the guys, cheering them on, the energy was palpable. You don’t get that from having a famous surname, you get that from being a legend in your own right. 

Where can we see the film?

Hunt Vs Lauda; The Next Generation available on different dates across the world, but UK viewers can see it now on Amazon, Sky Store, iTunes, Rakuten, Virgin, Microsoft/Xbox, Google Play and buy the DVD on Amazon. Readers can stay up to date on the worldwide release and sign up for updates at or can find out more about Charlotte and Branded Studios here: 


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