MT: All You Need to Know About Anonymous Remote Hacking of an iPhone

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Remotely?

Why would anyone want to hack an iPhone? Reasons behind hacking someone else’s device may vary. 

Whatever the reason, the process involves unauthorized digital access to someone’s device. Employers, for instance, can remotely hack an iPhone provided to employees for official use. And you may want to do the same as a parent of a teenage kid. So, hacking an iPhone doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

Can Someone Hack My iPhone Remotely?

Yes, it is quite possible to get access to all types of devices remotely, iPhones included; however, the process of remote hacking an iPhone is not a walk in the park. The iPhone is one of the most secure mobile phones manufactured, primarily focusing on security and privacy. Regardless, with incessant trials and skills, it’s possible to bypass all these protective measures and get access using spy apps.

How to Remotely Hack an iPhone Using mSpy

It is possible to hack an iOS device using the mSpy app, but this excludes any infringement of personal and financial data. If you’re looking to hack someone’s iPhone to get their financial and personal information for blackmail or malice, mSpy is not for you. Using someone’s information in such a way is a form of black hat hacking which is illegal and a cybercrime punishable by law.

mSpy is monitoring software compatible with most devices. The app allows its users to access and track the log activities of a target device remotely. Also mSpy includes Roku Parental Controls functions. mSpy is useful with or without jailbreak an iPhone. However, jailbreak bypasses all security measures allowing installation of the mSpy application on the target iPhone and tracking more features.

mSpy with Jailbreak

Using mSpy on jailbroken iPhones comes with the following features:

  • Monitoring social communication apps and emails. 
  • Tracking GPS location in real-time 
  • Accessing inbound, outbound, and deleted text messages
  • Viewing call records of incoming and outgoing phone calls 
  • Reporting the frequently accessed sites, web searches, and the overall web usage
  • Tracking internet and network connections
  • Accessing calendar activities, notes, contacts, and events
  • Viewing the gallery and media storage on the device
  • Getting notifications on the usage of certain keywords.

mSpy without Jailbreak

When you use mSpy without jailbreak, you cannot view records on the mobile device; instead, you only access the data the iPhone user backs up in the cloud. This version has limited features and allows you to:

  • Access their contacts
  • See all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access their browser history
  • Read their inbox and outbox messages
  • Read notes taken on their device
  • Access events saved on their device
  • Monitor their WhatsApp messages
  • See all newly installed apps
  • Get notifications of Wi-Fi hotspots connected to their device

To use mSpy without jailbreak, you will need login credentials to the target device’s iCloud.

Using iCloud for Remote iPhone Hacking

If the person you want to monitor uses an iOS device, you need to learn how to hack into someone’s iPhone from your phone. iCloud makes this an easy-peasy process; however, it requires some arrangements.

First of all, you need to get access to the target person’s iCloud credentials. It may be hard since it’s required either physical access to the device or using sophisticated methods like phishing or Bluetooth hacking, but once you’ve got their login and password, it’s half the battle.

Secondly, you need to make sure that backup is enabled on the phone. After that, you can just log in to their iCloud on your phone or PC and start monitoring the data that was saved. Now, you can track all backups that include mails, messages, notes, contacts, etc.


Hacking feels like an impossible thing to do for an average phone user. However, that is changing thanks to superior spy applications. mSpy has you covered if you are wondering how to hack into an iPhone.

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