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Nail Art Ideas For The Winter

Our manicure must look outstanding despite what season it is. Sometimes it is good to use nail art that matches the season. There are some arts that look good for the winter, while others are better left for the summer. Deciding on the perfect art for your nails during the winter can be quite a challenge. You can always get inspiration from other people on the perfect art.

There are always changes in nail trends every year. As long as you or your artist is creative enough, you can always come up with amazing art for your nails, depending on the season it is. Below are some nail art ideas that you can try exploring for the winter season.

This is a very simple nail art that features French tips on any kind of nail design. The French tip is done in gold glitter and can be added to any light-colored base coat.

The gold French tip always remains the same no matter how much grow out you are dealing with. You can take as much time as you want before you consider the next manicure as long as the French tip looks the same all along.

  • Chrome Winter Art

You only need a nail brush to come up with this art. The art is all about a perfect ring combination on a clear base coat. 

Once you are done doing the art, and you are sure it is dry and set, you should add a top coat to help keep the manicure in place for a longer time.

  • Pale Blue Winter Art

Nothing screams winter is here like getting a pale blue manicure. This nail idea is done by doing glittering art on top of a pale blue base coat.

The art is done using fine nail brushes to help create defined thin lines. You only need fine nail brushes ad gold nail polish to come up with this art if you have the required skills.

  • Snake and Star Winter Art

To make the look more outstanding, you should consider using a defined base coat, such as using forest green nail polish. You can also consider using different alternatives of blue polish if blue is your favorite color. 

The nail art is done by using a fine nail brush and gold nail polish to draw a snake and a star on the dry base coat alternatively.

  • Black and White Art

Black and white colors can design very beautiful art because they are usually power combination colors. In these cases, you are required to design a twist of French manicure which means the art is done on the tips.

You need a thin nail brush to design black and white lines on the tips in an alternating pattern. To seal the art, you should use a top coat once the art is dry.

  • Wavy Art

It is a very simple art that involves designing a wave art in any design you prefer. The art is designed using nail stickers which are available from most nail parlous and can also be drawn if you are creative enough.

Placing a sticker on the nail for art formation is easier and can be done by anyone as it does not require any special skills.

  • Butterfly Art

Just like tattoos, butterflies can also be used as artwork for nails. It might be a challenge to detail gold butterfly art on every nail in your manicure and therefore using a sticker is a way easier and better alternative. 

Butterfly art is beautiful and makes your manicure outstanding in all the ways possible. Butterfly gold stickers come in different varieties giving you a chance to choose your favorite.

  • The Moody Art

This art is created by playing with different shades of dark color palettes. The nails are usually done with gel extensions, and to get attention to the art, you should get long stiletto acrylics. You should seal the art with a top coat to increase its life.

  • Gold Foil Art

The nail art is done on top of a base coat of the winter nail colors of choice using a thin nail brush and gold nail polish.


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