Netsuite Review; Features, Price and More!

About Netsuite Software 

Netsuite project management software is perhaps a very well-known name across offices around the globe. The software is considered as the number one ERP solution and helps you manage your business like no other. With Netsuite, you have access to a number of functions which facilitate you in running your business from start to finish. From managing leads to helping out with payroll; you are able to do it all! 

The software has been around for a number of years and has made a name for itself due to its reliability. With thousands of customers across continents, based in over 200 countries, Netsuite is a user favorite. The software supports multiple languages including French, Korean, Finnish and more. The features in Netsuite project management software are top tier and allow your business to flourish. If you are interested in knowing more about Netsuite then keep on reading! 

5 Top Netsuite Features 

Customize to your Needs 

One of the biggest benefits of using Netsuite project management software is that it allows you to make things according to your preferences. With this software you are able to make customizations to the dashboard and processes according to what your needs are. The software allows you to make sure you can manage your features, the way you would want them. You can edit and customize almost anything with this software and allow yourself to have your needs catered to the way you would ideally want them. This is a major benefit of this software! 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a very important tool for any online or offline business to succeed. With Netsuite project management, you are able to simplify email marketing to an exact yet simple art! This feature allows you to create great marketing campaigns which can be sent to potential or current customers through emails. From newsletters to coupons; you can essentially create interactive and successful campaigns with email marketing. The software essentially takes care of everything; from the email marketing list to the sending out of the email. You can even analyze the success of the campaign with statistics of how many people opened them and what not! 

Lead Management 

Lead management is a very important aspect for any sales team. With Netsuite project management software you are essentially able to delegate this task to the software. The software takes care of storing all your leads for you. Not only that, the software also ranks the leads in order of readiness so you can spend more resources on leads that have a higher chance of converting. All in all, this feature really helps businesses allocate resources adequately for leads and helps make things simpler for you as a result.

Customer Support Portal 

The customer support portal is not a feature of the software directly but a feature you benefit from as a user nonetheless. This feature allows you to have access to a portal where you can list grievances or complaints which can then be addressed by the support officers employed by Netsuite project management software. With this feature, all your concerns and issues are addressed almost immediately. More often than not, good software will lack in providing adequate after sales care to their customers but Netsuite project management is not one of these software which makes it a great choice! 

Payment Solutions 

Payment solutions are perhaps the biggest benefit you get with Netsuite project management and why a lot of users leave positive reviews for it online. The software helps you greatly with figuring out billing and payments for your clients. 

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Netsuite Project Management Pricing

If you are wondering whether the netsuite cost is within your budget. We can help you out. The software costs about $99 per user and about $999 for the platform fee on a whole. This software is not cheap hence a lot of users need to budget and consider their choice very carefully. 

Is Netsuite the Right Call for Your Needs?

Netsuite Project management software is a great option for anyone considering software. We suggest that you write down all the features you would want in a software and then look at whether the software has these features. We also suggest opting for a trial of the software and seeing whether it is what you expected. Whatever decision you make about this software will hopefully be the right call for you!

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