Online Age Verification: An Ethical Dilemma

The significance of the internet in the spread of information harmful to minors is causing increasing worry. There are now stricter age verified requirements for items used by minors and vulnerable persons. Certain sectors that are age-restricted are favored, as are industries that make their senior executives personally accountable for inept age verification online procedures and spreading dangerous information on their platforms.

  • Alcoholic
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Dating websites
  • Games 
  • Adult websites

These industries’ programmers and executives should identify the processes to ensure that their products are secure by design. This might entail the creation of accounts for children with various settings. The terms of service should be simple to comprehend for both children and parents, and they should prevent youngsters from accessing unsuitable information.

Earlier Methods Of Age Verification:

To determine a user’s eligibility, there are a few options.


An age verification checkbox is always present in the interface of websites/businesses, certifying that the user is not under the legal age to use or consume a certain product. It only requires the user to input their DOB to verify age, making it the simplest to fool.

Third-Party Age Verification:

When physical goods are ordered, corporations typically require the delivery service to verify the customer’s age. The strategy is a little better, but relying exclusively on the word of a third party is risky. Furthermore, kids grouped with adults have an easier time obtaining age-restricted or harmful/toxic items.

Online Age Verification Through ID Documents:

So because the above-mentioned procedures have limitations, a much more modern and effective verification method is gaining popularity these days: confirming a user’s age utilizing biometric and Id documents. When purchasing goods or services, joining up for a bitcoin exchange, or signing up for maturity-level gameplay, a user’s identification can be verified in less than a minute.

The age verification solution OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology gathers and extracts all ideas in a structured order, allowing the document’s legitimacy and age verification to be quickly verified. The supplied data is validated using a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, which is then cross-checked by professionals.

Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC):

KYCC is a bit of an out-of-the-way effort, but it’s well worth it. It is preferable to learn more about the firm’s client’s professional affiliations. KYCC assists in assessing customer profiles and determining whether consumers may pose a threat or risk, as well as determining whether somebody is engaged in any questionable actions. Providing maturity-level goods and services without moral obligations or concerns, or in the lack of a competent age verification solution, in this context.

Efforts to Clean Up The Environment

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) sets specific limits on organizations of various sorts in North America for the usage of their products by minors.

In China, there has been a campaign to put limitations on young players by placing a digital lock on specific games. Gamers under the age of thirteen will need to find a parent or guardian to obtain games that require adult supervision.

Some of the problems of not having an advanced age verification system are as follows:

Considering the lack of an effective age-verification method, a company would have to deal with a slew of problems. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a list

Damaged Brand Equity:

If a company fails to implement an up-to-date age verification system, it may face controversy. Incompetence or a lack of sincerity could negatively impact their brand equity. Apple was charged $32.5 million for allowing children to buy things in apps without their parents’ approval.

Take on any responsibility to make your company thrive:

With the passage of time, a number of businesses have emerged that provide quick and reliable age verification services. It has become critical for retailers/businesses to implement such solutions and obtain a competitive edge in order to maximize a company’s potential and earn the public’s trust.


All businesses and sectors must adhere to the rules of conduct and outline the efforts they are taking to protect youngsters who use their goods. When there is adequate evidence that minors are viewing improper information, strong action must be done.

Online age verification services are cost-effective, quick, and reliable, and they are a must-have for both online and offline businesses looking to assure acceptable client onboarding and safeguard their brand value. The total procedure is completed in a matter of seconds.

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