Panorama K12 US 60M AzevedoTechCrunch Education Announces $60 Million Series C Funding Round

Panorama K12 US 60M AzevedoTechCrunch is a new company that plans to build a platform for schools to help students learn math. The company is seeking funding to do so, and has also outlined its mission and goals. This article is going to help you understand what the company is all about.

Overview of the Company

Panorama K12 US 60M AzevedoTechCrunch Education, an edtech start-up, has raised a whopping $60 million in a Series C funding round. The jumbo sized cash infusion comes from General Atlantic, Owl Ventures and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, with the remainder coming from SoftTech VC and Emerson Collective. It will be used to augment the company’s talent recruitment efforts and to further its product development.

Education Software Platform

Panorama K12 US 60M AzevedoTechCrunch is an education software platform that collects feedback from students, teachers and parents and sends personalized reports to stakeholders. It also integrates with district data systems to provide a holistic view of a student’s data. As such, it isn’t surprising that the company has seen a surge in new school districts since March of this year.

Founded in 2012 by a Yale graduate and also two former employees of a major US school district, Panorama offers an impressive array of tools to help schools analyze social-emotional learning domains and measure the effectiveness of curriculum. In fact, Panorama has seen more than 13 million students enrolled in 23,000 schools across the country, which is not bad for a start-up.


Using data from its database of affluent parents, Panorama is able to pull together the student data that matters and tell you what you need to know about your students. In other words, the company’s flagship product is a one stop shop for K-12 education information. It can be used by parents, teachers, and also administrators. The product’s most impressive feature is its integration with district data systems, which means you can access your student information anywhere, anytime. For now, the company’s mission is to make the process of educating America’s kids a little less painful for everyone involved.

According to the company, the new funding will be used to expand its footprint in the K-12 space. Panorama is currently serving 13 million students in 23,000 schools across the US. To date, the company has raised $105 million.


Panorama Education has raised $60 million in Series C funding from a number of investment firms. The round is led by General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm, along with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Owl Ventures, Tao Capital Partners and Emerson Collective.

The company’s technology platform enables educators to track and evaluate student progress in real time, while helping them select and implement appropriate interventions. With a full suite of tools to support the whole child, Panorama helps schools transform their approach to education, ensuring students graduate prepared to thrive in a modern world. Its research-based school climate survey, social-emotional learning surveys and professional development help school districts make better decisions and provide students with personalized feedback.

1,500 K-12 School Districts

To date, Panorama has served over 1,500 K-12 school districts, with an additional 700 added since March 2020. The company uses data gathered from 25 million student and teacher survey responses to build a complete picture of what is happening in schools. By disaggregating the results by FRPL status, school district, state and class level, Panorama provides educators with evidence-based interventions and customized reports.

Platform Used

Panorama is a K-12 education software platform that integrates with district data systems to give educators a comprehensive view of student and school progress. It also offers a range of tools for collecting feedback from students, teachers, and parents. This information can help schools make better decisions.

The company recently launched a new tool for social-emotional learning (SEL). Currently, Panorama Education serves about 13 million students in 23,000 schools across the United States. Among its customers are the New York City Department of Education and the Hawaii Department of Education. Its latest product provides a report on the SEL abilities of individual students. In addition, Panorama is launching a tool that will allow teachers to pull together student data and create an effective, personalized plan for each student.

Future Plans

Panorama Education is a company that helps K-12 school districts transform their teaching methods. It serves 13 million students in 23,000 schools across the United States. They also offer tools for educators to collect and analyze feedback to better understand their students. The company is also working with government agencies.

The company’s website has a full policy on privacy. Among other things, they don’t engage in advertising to their users, and they don’t share student information without their consent. However, they do integrate their survey data into their district’s data systems. That way, they can pull it together and also analyze it in order to provide a personalized report for their administrators.

Final Thoughts:

Panorama K12 US 60M AzevedoTechCrunch future plans include increasing their customer base. This is likely to increase the number of school districts they serve from 800 in the last 18 months to more than 1,500. In addition, they plan to deepen their hiring practices and also develop new products.

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