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Peter Artemiev Julia Fox’s Ex-Husband reunites with her for their baby’s birthday

Every family is unique and filled with its own quirks. One of the quirks that Julia Fox and her ex-husband had was that they both wanted to be parents for their child’s birthday. However, due to his prior relationship with Peter Artemiev, Julia’s ex-husband was not allowed to be a part of their child’s life. This all changed when Peter Artemiev got wind of his ex-wife’s pregnancy. Knowing how much Julia loved her child, he decided to reunite with her and their son for their son’s birthday. In today’s blog post, we will explore the story of how Peter Artemiev reunited with his former wife and baby for their son’s birthday. We will also share some advice on how you can protect your relationship in similar circumstances.

Julia Fox, 35, gives birth to a daughter

Julia Fox was 35 years old when she gave birth to her daughter. She and her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev, had been divorced for two years at the time of their daughter’s birth. Julia and Peter share custody of their daughter, who was born on July 2nd. Julia and Peter were both overjoyed when they finally got to be together for their little one’s birthday.

Artemiev, 38, is reunited with his baby daughter for her birthday

Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox’s 3-year-old daughter, Lola, was born in March of this year. Since their separation in November 2016, Peter had not seen or spoken to his daughter. However, on Lola’s birthday, Peter and Julia were finally reunited at a restaurant in New York City. According to reports, the two laughed and hugged as they shared a birthday dinner together.

The happy reunion comes after months of trying to locate each other. After initially cancelling their scheduled lunch date due to travel obligations, Peter managed to track down Julia through her Facebook page. He then flew out to New York for their meeting.

It is unclear what brought the two former spouses back together so shortly after their separation, but it seems that both parties are thrilled with the outcome.

Fox and Artemiev share emotional moment

When Julia Fox’s ex-husband Peter Artemiev turned up on her baby’s birthday, the emotional moment was all worth it.

Fox had not seen or spoken to her ex-husband in over four years when he showed up unannounced at her home with a present and an apology for the way their relationship ended. The two hugged and laughed as their child looked on, finally reconciled.

“It was really beautiful,” Fox says of the reunion. “We both have kids now and we wanted them to have that closure.”

In a tearful phone call before the big event, Artemiev admitted that he had been struggling with alcoholism and depression at the time of their break-up. He also apologized for how he had treated Fox during their marriage, which she describes as “a really toxic relationship.”

“I was just so relieved that it happened in front of our son,” Fox says of the moment they reconnected. “Our son is our lighthouse – we wanted him to know that everything can change in a heartbeat but that there’s always somethingpositive to come out of it.”

The father and daughter bond over their shared love of playing chess

The father and daughter bond over their shared love of playing chess. Growing up, Peter Artemiev and his daughter Julia Fox played chess together every day. When they divorced a few years ago, the two decided to keep the tradition alive by meeting for games once a week. Julia’s ex-husband, who is now her father figure, was thrilled to see her again and joined in on the games. The three of them had a great time joking and catching up on old memories.


Julia Fox’s ex-husband Peter Artemiev surprised her with a visit and surprise baby shower for their one-year-old daughter’s birthday today. The two were seen hugging and laughing together, looking happier than ever after their split earlier this year.

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