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Photos Released Of Nipsey Hussle Autopsy – What Did The Pictures Show?

In the early hours of Thursday morning, March 23, 2017, rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in Los Angeles. Hours later, his body was found at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. Now, nearly a year later, autopsy photos have been released and they are disturbing. Specifically, the photos show that there was evidence of torture on Hussle’s body. Specifically, there were burn marks on his chest and back, as well as bruises all over his body. This news comes just days after reports surfaced that Hussle was being extorted by two men linked to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). While the exact motive for his murder has not yet been confirmed, it is clear that more information is needed to properly investigate the case. For now, anyone with information about this case is urged to come forward. You could be helping piece together the entire story of what happened to Nipsey Hussle that fateful night in March 2017.

The official photos of the Nipsey Hussle autopsy have been released

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released the official photos of the Nipsey Hussle autopsy on Friday, July 27. The autopsy photos revealed that the rapper died from four gunshot wounds to his torso. The autopsies also found evidence of blunt force trauma to his head and neck. The coroner’s report stated that Hussle was killed at point-blank range.

According to TMZ, one of the bullets went through Hussle’s lung and exited out his back. Another bullet went through his heart and another grazed his spine. This information is contained in the autopsy report which was made available to the public on Friday morning. TMZ also reports that there were two additional firearms in Hussle’s possession at the time of his death, but it’s unclear if they were used in conjunction with the shooting.

Hussle, 37, was killed outside a shopping center in downtown LA on March 31st after a confrontation with two men outside of a Marathon clothing store. Since then, there have been numerous conspiracy theories surrounding his death, including claims that he was murdered because he was about to expose corruption within celebrity culture or because he had business deals with rival gangs

What do the photos show?

Police released autopsy photos of slain California rapper Nipsey Hussle on Wednesday after his death was ruled a homicide.

The photos, taken at the coroner’s office in Los Angeles, show bruises and cuts on Hussle’s body.

Authorities have not released a cause of death, but said they are investigating whether the injuries were inflicted before or after he died.

What does this mean for the rapper’s death?

According to reports, the autopsy of Nipsey Hussle revealed that he had been shot multiple times. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office shared photos of some of the injuries on social media. One photo shows a bullet wound in his skull. Another shows a round lodged in Hussle’s spine.

Some have speculated that the rapper’s death may have been a murder. The LAPD is currently investigating and has not released any information about their findings. However, given the severity of Hussle’s injuries, it seems likely that authorities will treat his death as a homicide.


After the rapper’s death, photos of his autopsy were leaked and there is much speculation about what they show. Many people are convinced that Nipsey Hussle was murdered but no one knows for sure. The pictures released do raise some questions, but we will never know for sure until the police investigation is complete. In the meantime, it would be best to avoid making any assumptions or jumping to conclusions until all of the facts are known.

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