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Picking The Best Material For Couch Covers And Protecting The Sofa

Buying a couch is a massive investment to consider. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a couch cover, you need not want to be left in the dark.  In order to avoid regretting the decision, the material you pick for the couch is crucial, whether you need a bespoke material or a generic option. If you choose a good-quality couch cover, there is no need to worry about spending money uselessly for maintenance.

Checking the ambiance at home

The color and the material of the couch cover can create an impact in several different ways. For instance, light or pastel shades in a couch cover for a large couch within a small space make it look bigger than actual.  You need to know the kind of ambiance to create in the room or if bold and vivid colors attract you more. The best options is to choose solid shades for couch covers and adding it up with different colored accents based on your mood. You can also use rugs and mats in different colors and patterns to complement the décor.

  • Usage pattern of the couch

The traffic or the usage pattern of the couch is a couple of factors determining the choice. For instance, the exclusive and luxurious materials are more suitable for those rooms that are occasionally used. On the other hand, durable fabrics, such as microfiber blends or corduroys are more suitable for the couch you place in the living room.

If you want to select a cover for a couch in the study or the small home office, you can move ahead with you luxurious ideas. Make sure you know the thread count of the fabric of couch covers but when using dark shades, you need to keep the natural fabric away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

  • Prone to pets

Do you want to allow your pets to sit on the couch? If the answer is yes, you must avoid using natural and lengthy fibers that attract dust, dirt, and pet dander. If you are not are sensitive towards pets. Try to go for synthetic blends. When pets sit on the couch, you may need to wash the cover more often, so try to avoid light shades as they tend to fade and the urine marks appear more prominent. The homes with pets and kids can select linen as it is a more durable fabric. 

  • Plain or pattern 

When deciding between plain and patterned fabric, you need to consider the environment at home.  For a large family, a patterned sofa is a good option for camouflaging the spills. The plain covers are ideal for homes with less people. 

  • Cleaning the cover

The ease of cleaning the couch cover is one of the factors determining your decision.  If you buy blends of cotton mixed with linen or wool, you need to clean the cover professionally. Remember to check the response of the fabric to water as it might shrink drastically after a single wash. 

Before settling down with the couch cover, you need to ask the salesperson whether the material is suitable for light, heavy, or medium use. You need not limit your choices and select a durable material sporting a luxurious look

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