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New Google Chromecast

A new Google Chromecast is being test by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). While it’s not a confirmation of a forthcoming device, it’s encouraging news for a new streaming product from the Internet giant. According to 9to5Google, the device will feature a dedicated button for Google Assistant. It will also be able to control TVs.


Plus May ChromecastroettgersProtocol new device is reportedly slated to come with a softer finish and will feature a ‘G’ logo on the box. It will also come with a HDMI port and will have a model number GPJ100. Although Google has not officially announced the new device, this filing is a strong indication that it will be on the market soon. There’s no word yet on whether or not it will include a microphone, but it’s likely that it will.

Second Generation Chromecast

Plus May ChromecastroettgersProtocol second generation Chromecast Ultra will include the ability to stream 4K HDR content. It will also have a microphone, a dedicated Google Assistant button, and the ability to control TVs with a remote. In addition to this, it will reportedly have an HDMI connector and a softer finish.

Plus May ChromecastroettgersProtocol the new Chromecast may not be officially confirmed by Google, the company did submit an FCC filing, which is a significant sign. This filing suggests that Google is working on a device that will let you play games on your TV, control your TV, and even make phone calls. However, we do not know if the device will be released any time soon.

The Chromecast Protocol and the Google TV Remote

Plus May ChromecastroettgersProtocol Chromecast protocol is a screen-sharing technology used by Google for digital media playback. At its simplest, it allows users to cast content from their phone or tablet to their TV. While it’s possible to use a mobile device to control the streaming, the true magic comes from a dedicated remote control.

This functionality can be achieve by using a variety of services, from Netflix to YouTube. It’s important to note that these services will all require a subscription from a third-party provider. There are also various DVRs, Blu-ray players, and game systems that can stream to your television. In addition, Google has built a system that allows you to mirror your video models from the web browser.

Official Pricing or Commercial

While this functionality is useful, it’s not necessarily a Chromecast best-seller. As with other new products, there’s no official pricing or commercial availability information. Instead, the best way to find out if your TV is compatible with the device is to connect it to a WiFi network, launch the apps you’d like to cast, and see if they show up in your list of supported devices. You may also have to set up your router, but this will depend on your specific model.

Chromecast was developed by the same people who create the popular Google TV. It’s a small, disc-shaped dongle with HDMI connector, USB port for power, and a micro-USB port for charging. It’s available in charcoal and chalk color options. Unlike Android TV, it doesn’t have an onboard user interface, but you can control the casting using your mobile device or a web app.

Another promising sign for Google’s next streaming device is an FCC filing that reveals that a remote is in the works. A source told 9to5Google that the remote will include a dedicated Google Assistant button, and will look similar to a hybrid of the Apple TV remote and the Daydream View remote.

One-Time Gimmick

However, it’s not clear if this will be a one-time gimmick, or if it will become the standard for all future Chromecasts. The company hasn’t confirme if it’s in development, but it’s a safe bet that it will come out this year.

Final Words:

Google Cast is a technology that uses HTTP requests to synchronize media playback between multiple devices. Using the Chromecast protocol, you can stream your favorite YouTube videos, Netflix movies, and more. These applications will respond to the request and send the appropriate data back to the mobile device. Your phone or tablet may be able to control the playback of your TV, too, depending on the software or operating system you’re using.

Other than the obvious remote, a Chromecast’s other tidbit is its pause and resume functionality. The device supports HDMI-CEC, a feature that enables it to pause and resume media at the same time. Previously, this functionality was only supported on the first-generation Chromecast, but later models introduced an interactive user interface, which allows users to navigate the TV without the use of a remote.

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