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The Tennessee Titans are a professional American football team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They are part of the National Football League (NFL) and compete in the American Football Conference South division. They play their home games at Nissan Stadium. Fans can purchase tickets to watch their games and cheer for their team. There are many different ways to watch the Titans. There are many different types of tickets available. The following is a list of the most popular tickets for Titans games.

tennessee titans

In 1997, the team’s name was changed to Tennessee Titans. They were renamed in 1999. The logo is a large “T” with a flame trail that represents the state of Tennessee. The uniform consisted of a red helmet with a white trim, navy or white jerseys with a navy striped hood. The Titans wore white pants and white socks. The logo also appeared in popular video games, including Madden NFL 22.

The Titans are currently undefeated at home in 2007. They went on to win the AFC’s best record in 2008, with a 13-1 record. The team also reached the Super Bowl for the first time. The Houston Oilers, founded in 1960, relocated to Nashville in 1997 and played for two seasons as the Tennessee Oilers. The team initially played at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis before playing at Vanderbilt Stadium in 1998.

The Tennessee Titans were renamed in 1999, and the racoon T-Rac was the team’s mascot. This mascot was introduced as the team’s mascot in the Nissan Stadium in 2008. In addition to attending games, the mascot even performs at local events. In 2007, the T-Rac was a part of a zip-line jump from a building in downtown Nashville and has a zip-line in the middle of the stadium. In addition to wearing a racoon helmet, fans chant “HA-OOH!” three times after each Titans touchdown.

The team is the most popular in the NFL. The Titans were founded in 1960 in Houston, and were unbeaten in their first season. Their first team nickname was “Music City Miracle” and they were the first NFL team to win a Super Bowl. In 1997, the team moved to Nashville and renamed themselves the Tennessee Oilers. The team played two seasons at the Liberty Bowl before rebranding themselves as the Tennessee Titans. In the same year, they began playing games in the newly renovated Nissan Stadium.

The Titans’ logo is also somewhat ambiguous. It features a large “T” with a flame trail. The team originally wore white or navy jerseys. In the early days, they wore black pants. Since 2009, the uniforms were white. The original color scheme remained the colors of the Tennessee flag. The team’s new colors were blue, red, metallic silver, and a white hat.

The Titans won their first Super Bowl appearance in their first season, and went undefeated in the next. In the following years, they became the AFC’s top team. In 2008, they won thirteen games and had the best record in the NFL. However, the team’s playoff run was short. In 2013, they missed the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year. There are several reasons why they lost.

The Tennessee Titans are an expansion team. The team’s first season was successful, going undefeated at home. They also made their only Super Bowl appearance, winning the game against the Buffalo Bills. The Houston Oilers were the first major league team in Nashville. They first played as the city’s champions. Then in 1997, they relocated to Nashville and became the Titans. They have been playing in the same stadium for the past two seasons.

The Tennessee Titans are a member of the AFC. They share rivalries with the New York Jets and Houston Texans. In fact, they have a long-standing rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys. They won the 2003 AFC Championship. They also won the 2005 World Series, but they were eliminated from the playoffs the following season. The name has been changed twice since its inception.

The Tennessee Titans have a strong rivalry with the Baltimore Ravens. It was fierce during the late 1990s, but it cooled down after the NFL realigned teams. Nevertheless, they have beaten the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs five times. In the 2020-21 NFL playoffs, they finished second with a 12-5 record, which is not bad for a second-seed team.

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