Property maintenance business software

To obtain a good overview of applications for property and realtors, I had to plunge into the topic concretely and seriously, study the terminology, understand the trends plus concepts of the real estate industry itself.

All in all

There were more than 20 resources that offered their help for automating real estate business processes. In addition to studying the sites themselves (from the seriousness of the design, to clear content and proposals), it was necessary to download programs and documentation. I even risked going to a presentation once, posing as the director of the agency. What can’t you do for the sake of your beloved girl.

I also had to wander through the thematic forums where realtors and agents hang out to outline the main range of tasks that agency leaders want to get from the software.

also read this proposals

Key expectations of real estate agency managers

  • Real estate accounting, client base.
  • Placement of ads on advertising platforms.
  • Control over employees (logging, differentiation of rights).
  • Information security.
  • Filling and promotion of the agency’s website.
  • Tracking transactions, contracts.

As you may see, there is nothing supernatural.

Programs for real estate agencies and realtors can be roughly divided into combinations.

The first, large group of programs for real estate agencies and realtors is CRM. Customer Relationship Management System Software designed to automate interactions and relationships with customers. CRM stores information about customers, history of relationships. CRM usually contains mechanisms for improving sales methods plus analyzing results.

The second group of programs for real estate agencies and realtors is systems with CRM elements that allow you to place ads on various advertising platforms. Interestingly, almost all such programs place ads on their sites by default. That is, a website “a la Cyan” is being created, and ads of real estate agencies and realtors who have purchased this property maintenance business software are posted on it. There are advanced applications that post ads on other sites. What is more interesting for real estate agencies and realtors.

The third group agencies and brokers are either solving some very narrow tasks, or no longer supported by the developer, or to agencies related only to the word “real estate”.

They can be divided into two other groups:

  1. Web applications are programs written in such a way that they are accessed through a browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Fire Fox, Chrom, etc.). Their advantage is that from any computer (stationary, laptop, tablet, phone) connected to the Internet, you can start working with the program, just open your favorite browser and type a specific site address.
  2. Desktop applications are applications that are placed directly on a computer (laptop), like ordinary applications, for example, Word, 1C, etc. Their advantage is that all the information processed in the program remains on the computer, and not on an unknown site, and it is not known: suddenly the site owner looks at this information every time. Well, the performance of such programs is higher, and they do not depend they depend on whether you have the Internet or not.

Software can be divided according to their seriousness.

There are programs with a good manual (user manual) and support. Some developers require registration on the site, sending e-mails with a request to download.

Conclusions and the general feeling

From Web applications, I settled on Real Estate CRM. And the pricing policy is attractive, and the functionality is pleasing.

Of the usual property CRM applications, the “Ideal Real Estate” option stands out. Of the programs that try to be at the modern technological level, I would name the Leader program. But the leader, after all, is Phoenix.

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