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Pros And Cons Of An Adjustable Electronic Bed

An adjustable bed is one that can be profiled in any number of positions to suit the needs of the user. Adjustable electric beds are equipped with two or more hinges. These hinges can operate independently from each other and allow for various parts to be raised or lowered. The following highlights the pros and cons associated with an adjustable electric bed.

The Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

Increased Comfort

Compared to traditional beds, electric adjustable beds offer greater comfort. You can adjust the position of your bed to achieve a better sleeping experience. An electric bed can be adjusted to an inclined position, typically between 30-40 degrees. This is usually more comfortable than lying flat.

Pain Relief

The main benefit of adjustable electric beds, such as their ability to relieve pain from chronic conditions like arthritis and Sciatica, is that they can be positioned to position the bed so that pressure from sensitive areas can be removed. Pain relief and mobility improvements can be achieved by giving painful areas the opportunity to rest during the night.


Being independent is important, especially as we get older. These electric adjustable beds have the ability to reduce pain, increase mobility and provide a boost in mental well-being. They make it easier for users to feel more independent in everyday life. 

Combat Snoring

Snoring loudly at night can impact the quality of your sleeping. Snoring partners can make it difficult to fall asleep and cause sleep deprivation.

Adjustable bed technology reduces the likelihood of snoring. The top half is raised, which allows for more airflow. Snoring is caused by the soft tissues of your throat becoming saggy as you fall asleep. This causes loud rumbling sounds. 

Improved Night Quality

The electric bed allows for unassisted sleep, which can improve sleep quality in people with muscle or joint pain. Normal beds are limited to horizontal sleeping positions. This can lead you to have a poor night’s rest due to constant movement to relieve pressure. An adjustable bed can be raised to either the top of the bed or the bottom, taking pressure off sore areas and allowing you to get better sleep.

Easier Egress

In some cases, it can prove difficult to get into or out of bed for older people and patients with chronic pain. One of the key benefits of electric beds is the fact that they can be raised to a comfortable height at the touch of one button. This allows for easier access to the bed and easy exit.


Incompatible With Existing Mattress

A new mattress will be required if an electric adjustable bed is purchased. This brings up the problem of having your existing mattress removed. 

Because of the number of benefits electric beds offer, and the fact they are more technologically advanced than normal beds; the price for an adjustable electric mattress is higher. 

Variations On Quality

As with any technology, adjustable electric beds come in a range of quality. This includes the mattress quality as well as the motor quality. The quality differences shouldn’t discourage you from buying an electronic bed. But it does make it harder to find the right one.  You can purchase the best online mattress on our website

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Key Takeaway

  • An electric adjustable bed frame can provide many benefits to the user, including:
  • Higher comfort than standard beds
  • Higher quality sleep for people with chronic pain or those with partners who are susceptible.
  • There are many ways to relieve pain from conditions like arthritis or sciatica.
  • Better independence for the old.

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