Protect Your Privacy With Anonymous Hosting

We are experiencing exponentially increased demand for privacy and anonymity. People wonder how to register a domain anonymously, set an anonymous server, or launch an anonymous website.

Many anonymous hosting services offer the option to host your online project anonymously. You can set up an anonymous server with just a few clicks and get secure VPS. VPS refers to Virtual Private Server, or sometimes called bitcoin cloud or bitcoin hosting. Thanks to cryptocurrency payments, anonymous hosting solutions can remain genuinely unknown.

  1. The Need for Anonymous VPS

This pandemic literally tied so many people to their computers, and the online world has become our working and private space. Booming sales of laptops and desktop computers shot to their highest level in six years. The internet has become essential during the COVID-19 outbreak, and no wonder that more and more people are looking for privacy-protecting and anonymity-boosting features. An increased percentage of the population connected to the internet provided many opportunities for cybercriminals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals ransomed millions of dollars from businesses, using tactics like phishing resulting in data breaches.

  1. Privacy Provided by Anonymous VPS

The right to privacy and anonymity refers to the concept where personal information is protected from public scrutiny. We all have the right to determine what sort of information about us is collected and used.

The best way to protect your personally identifiable information is not to provide them at all. Anonymous hosting services made privacy and anonymity their highest asset. The registration process doesn’t ask for personal information such as your name, billing account, and other sensitive information. Due to their cloud infrastructure built on DigitalOcean, many cloud VPS services guarantee the same security level. With bitcoin hosting, you can pay for your hosting services anonymously. Unlike standard FIAT payments, the crypto payment method lets you stay anonymous when making transactions online. Anonymous cloud VPS offers the best anonymous hosting solution. Anonymous VPS provides affordable and robust web hosting and application hosting services. They are highly scalable and guarantee a required amount of resources. Cloud VPS imitate expensive dedicated servers in terms of functionality, providing the same services at significantly lower pricing. They are very cost-effective for individuals or fast-growing organizations who know the risks of shared hosting or don’t want to invest in a physical server setup.

  1. Anonymous VPS vs VPN

While VPN and VPS might sound the same, these services are actually quite different. Anonymous VPN or Virtual Private Network protects your information and allows you to browse the internet more anonymously. VPN meaning is to route your data through the network of servers before it reaches its final destination. It looks as if your information is coming from the VPN’s servers rather than your own.

Some anonymous hosting services offer untraceable internet access thanks to their onion domain. The onion domains are only reachable via the Tor browser, you can’t access them with a standard web browser. Tor stands for “the onion router.” Your internet activity runs through the anonymizing Tor network, which will make you untraceable. Therefore, you don’t need to use VPN. VPS vs VPN difference is clear, and Tor network provides more secure access.

  1. How to Choose the Best Anonymous VPS

Deciding on the best anonymous hosting options for your business isn’t that hard, considering the umpteen advantages it provides.

  1. Let’s list some of the top anonymous hosting features:

Private registration process

The registration process won’t ask for personal information such as your name, billing account, or mobile phone number. No verification is needed, all you need is an email address.

Crypt payments

Bitcoin payment method lets you stay anonymous when paying for your hosting services.

Domain privacy protection

With standard hosting, anyone can view your hosting details on the WHOIS public database. But with anonymous hosting, your personal information upon domain registration of the DNS is concealed.

The root access

Root admin access lets you configure your server as you need and upload any compatible software. You completely manage the server.

Flexibility and upscale

Anonymous VPS provides highly flexible plans with various configurations of CPU, memory, and SSD. You can scale up your resources without any downtime or network interference.


Thanks to virtualization, each user is given a separate set of dedicated resources, reducing the risk of downtimes and sudden traffic spikes. Advanced DigitalOcean infrastructure provides very secure VPS. 


Thanks to end to end encryption, firewalls and SSH keys, anonymous VPS presents the safe and secure hosting environment. Backups and Snapshots will help you to recover your data and restore the system to the point when the snapshot was taken.


With resource sharing options, anonymous VPS is a very cost-effective hosting solution payable by Bitcoin.

Anonymous hosting providers deliver the necessary features for great hosting, including generous storage space, bandwidth, and excellent site performance.

Want to improve your data privacy? Buy anonymous hosting – your business will have you to thank for it!

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