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Purple Betta Fish: Care Guide & Why They’re So Rare

Betta fish sometimes referred to as Siamese fighting fish, are well-liked pets all around the world. Both sexes can have different colors, and the males are known for having fins and tails that flow. The secretive purple betta fish is one of the most unusual yet stunning colors.

Purple betta fish have unique demands, much like all other betta fish. They need roomy aquariums, warm water, and fish food made specifically for carnivores. The betta fish requires a lot more upkeep than other breeds do. However, the effort is worthwhile due to their stunning look.

There are a few things to consider before adopting a purple Siamese fighting fish. It’s particularly difficult to find purple bettas. Additionally, it will be more difficult to find pure purple betta fish. Due to their difficulty in breeding, these bettas can also be quite pricey.

Are you considering purchasing a purple betta fish for sale now? You might know the answer to that question more clearly after reading this manual.

Can Betta Fish Be Purple? 

Exist purple betta fish? The short answer is yes, however pure purple betta fish are even more uncommon.

It can be quite difficult to tell a true purple betta from a blue-purple betta if you’re not an expert. What makes a difference, then? You’ll need to look at them more closely to tell them apart.

Even though a blue-purple betta may appear purple, it is actually blue when placed in various lighting. The blue-purple betta is not particularly difficult to find, despite the fact that its hue is fairly uncommon.

The genuine purple betta, on the other hand, won’t change color with the lighting. This shade is extremely uncommon. Breeding purple bettas is extremely difficult as well; even seasoned breeders may never produce a flawless purple betta.

Purple betta fish are in high demand due to their distinctive look and scarcity.

Therefore, be prepared to spend a hefty amount if you’re fortunate enough to find one for sale. These fish are not the best option for novice fish keepers because they require a lot of maintenance.

Why Are Purple Bettas So Rare? 

Pure purple betta fish are extremely uncommon, primarily due to their genetic makeup. They are not a hue that betta fish naturally have. Instead, they are the outcome of careful breeding.

A unique genetic abnormality gives the true purple betta its color. The likelihood of receiving this mutation can be increased by breeding blue, pink, and red bettas, but obtaining a pure purple betta is just a matter of chance.

You essentially have no control over how likely you are to breed a pure purple betta. Additionally, although blue-purple bettas are a little more common than genuine purple ones, these fish are still fairly uncommon for the same reason.

How Much Does a Purple Betta Fish Cost? 

Purple bettas can cost a little bit more than the average betta due to their extreme rarity. Moreover, the cost will differ based on whether you want a blue purple or a real purple betta.

The blue-purple betta is often available for roughly $20 from most sellers. They cost a little bit more than the typical betta fish, but generally, they are a fair price.

The price of these fish can be significantly higher if they are pure purple bettas. Finding information on where to get them is challenging due to their rarity. A pure purple betta, however, will cost you at least several hundred dollars because they are such an uncommon specimen.

Breeding Purple Betta Fish

You might try breeding your own purple betta fish if you can’t seem to find one in stores. You should keep in mind, though, that breeding bettas are exceedingly difficult.

Breeding a royal blue male and a blue-and-red female has frequently resulted in the discovery of purple bettas. Some people have bred pink male and red female bettas to produce purple offspring. Both of these pairings, though, do not ensure the birth of purple bettas.

Breeding purple bettas might be worthwhile to try if you believe you are capable of handling the task. This may not be the best undertaking for a novice fish breeder because betta fish require so much upkeep.

However, producing purple betta fish could be a fascinating project if you have prior knowledge of fish breeding and betta care.

What to Know Before Breeding Purple Betta Fish 

Fish breeding requires a lot of time and energy. Selective breeding won’t work if you’re not prepared to devote enough time to caring for your fish.

You must keep an eye on bettas closely because they can be a bit aggressive. They are extremely territorial, and if they believe that another betta has encroached on their domain, things can turn fatal very quickly.

Since male bettas are especially likely to fight, if you intend to breed numerous fish, each male must be housed in a tank apart from the other male bettas. Female bettas, on the other hand, can coexist peacefully in the same tank.

Ensure the health of the fish you are breeding as well. Make sure the fish you adopt don’t exhibit any symptoms of illness, and after you bring them home, maintain their health. Additionally, when they are young—ideally, when they are under 14 months old—they are more successful at reproducing.

Remember that betta fish have a large egg-laying capacity. Even though many of these eggs might not hatch or grow into adult fish, you should be prepared to care for a number of fish after they have hatched. Before deciding to breed bettas, make sure you have the time and money necessary because they are by no means low-maintenance fish.

You have a decent chance of successfully producing this lovely fish as long as you are cautious and responsible. Although there is no guarantee of what you will produce, it will benefit you if you provide your fish with the correct surroundings and care.


The purple betta fish is very unique. If you’re looking for a true purple betta fish, it’s even more uncommon to find one with a clearly purple body. It is one of the most sought-after betta fish colors due to this.

Their vivid look can stand out among fish of different colors in an aquarium. Finding one, however, might be quite a problem due to its rarity. And if you want to try breeding your own purple betta fish, you’re in for a challenge because producing one successfully ultimately depends on luck.

Their needs are the same as those of other colored betta fish when it comes to taking care of these lovely fish.

It’s crucial to choose the right tank size, design a comfortable habitat, and feed them the right food. Additionally, you can anticipate your purple betta to flourish for many years if you combine them with the right tank mates and pick decorations that are pleasant to bettas.


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