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Sage Humphries – A True Bostonian

Sage Humphries is an American model, dancer and singer. She is also a member of the Boston Ballet.

Well-Liked Member of her Harem

The illustrious and illustrious Sage Humphries was not only one of a kind but also a good-for-the-times girl. For a start she is a lucky charm, the most well-liked member of her harem of a family. She is a dancer, a philanthropist, a sex enthusiast, a philatelist, a book hound, a naughty girl, and a philocrat. Keeping her up and running is no mean feat, especially since her mom and dad have their own issues to contend with. After a tumultuous four years in Boston, she is now a bona fide resident of the city. The one-time bachelorette is happy in her new digs.

Young Dancer Sage Humphries

The young dancer Sage Humphries was a promising star. She studied with the San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and Ballet West. Her repertoire included works by Sergei Kulev, Alicia Alonso and George Balanchine.

Dusty and Taylor’s

Her parents were not impressed with Dusty and Taylor’s behavior. In fact, they had just learned that Sage had moved to a new city to live with her father, and that she was not going to be spending the summer with her family. They hatched a plan to get their daughter out of the Opera House.

However, a text message from Dusty and Taylor prompted the mother of Sage to go through her daughter’s phone. What she found was a slew of texts from Dusty and Taylor. It turned out they had a “secret” – Sage was actually dating Dusty.

Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

Dusty Button, former principal dancer with the Boston Ballet, and his wife, Mitchell Taylor Button, are facing accusations of sexual misconduct. Sage Humphries, a 24-year-old ballet dancer, has filed a lawsuit against the pair for alleged grooming. They are also accused of abusing Humphries.

Presented Text Messages

Buttons deny the allegations. They have presented text messages, photos, and selfies as evidence of their innocence. However, their attorney, Daryl Katz, has questioned the authenticity of the texts. He says the couple never had a sexual relationship with Humphries.

While Humphries alleges that Mitchell and Dusty engaged in multiple sexual acts with her, she hasn’t yet been proven to have been abused. She says that the pair threatened to ruin her career, and he allegedly used his clout in the ballet world to control her life.

18-Year-Old Sage Humphries

When 18-year-old Sage Humphries arrived in Boston, she was star-struck and had no friends. She was told by her parents to move out of her apartment to save money, so she began living with a couple she met at ballet school.

Dusty Button

The young dancer was initially infatuated with Dusty Button, the principal dancer of the Boston Ballet. Dusty was invited to stay with her family in Boston and subsequently started to spend more and more time with her. They were reportedly in love and spent every free moment together.

But as a young dancer, the pair were expected to drink heavily. After a while, Dusty allegedly started kissing Sage. At one point, she even wrote song lyrics to her.

Sage Humphries was a promising ballet dancer at Boston Ballet. She was working on a project to pitch to Silver Pictures. Her mother wanted her to move in to save money. At first, she complied. But she soon learned that compliance was the path of least resistance.

Private Communications

Dusty and Taylor, her friends, were able to access her private communications. They monitored her text messages and posted content on her social media accounts. They encouraged her to drink heavily when they got together.

In the end, they forced her to dress like Dusty and strapped her to a table. Their actions had a profound impact on her. Suddenly, she was no longer in control of her life.

In 2017, dancer Sage Humphries met Dusty Button at the Boston Ballet. At the time, she was a 17-year-old, full merit scholarship dancer. She had recently moved to a new city, and she had no idea who was in her neighborhood.

Final Words:

Then, in June 2017, Dusty reached out to her. She invited her to dinner and crashing at her apartment. They talked for hours. Sage slept there every night.

While she was there, Taylor asked her a series of questions. Sage said she thought it was an interrogation. However, she didn’t think they were sexually abusing her.

She later learned that abuse is not uncommon in relationships. Buttons also allegedly used punishment and reward conditioning to keep her under their control.

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