SAP Business One Product Roadmap: What’s Next Fast-Growth Businesses


Small and midsized businesses need to evolve constantly to keep up with the organizational growth and keep pace with the needs of tomorrow. While the business software and application they already have was sufficient to reach their current stage of growth, it isn’t necessarily suitable for a business that’s going all the way to the top. This is why companies seek to use ERP software like SAP Business One that is made especially for growing SMEs.

While applications like QuickBooks and Google Sheets are good for a small business that’s just starting out, they don’t have a distinct product roadmap that can point towards the development of new features required for the future growth of your business. Hence, there’ll come a time when you’ll outgrow the solution and would need an ERP solution sooner or later.

Importance of a Scalable Business Management Solution

It is ideal to choose a business solution that can be scaled as per the growth of the business and will be beneficial throughout an SME journey. SAP Business One excels in scalability and is one of the most prominently used ERP software for small and medium-sized business owners. SAP also makes the product roadmap of their ERP solution available to everyone so that they can get an overview of the existing solution and also get an insight into innovations planned for the future.

SAP Business One Roadmap

Through the roadmap, users can learn about any advances SAP is doing across three timelines. It provides insight into recent innovations that are available right now, planned innovations for describing product releases in the short-to-midterm timeline, and product direction that gives perspective on the high-level development plans of a business.

Recent Innovations


Release of a web client that covers sales and analytics functionality. Innovations are done based on market feedback. The SAP Business One version 10 now has support for SAP HANA 2.0 and SUSE 15 along with document information extraction integration.


There is now support for QR code generation and the innovations are based on SAP HANA.


The sales and service apps are updated for the MS-SQL server available on both iOS and Android.


There is an enhanced service layer API along with an SAP Crystal Reports API. There is also now integration with Microsoft 365 including Word, Excel, and OneDrive while service layer support for Microsoft SQL is also present.


The web experience has been improved along with a tenant configuration wizard. There is integration with the dockerized version of SAP Business One the cloud infrastructure is optimized as well.

Planned Innovations


Extended web client functionality in sales, service, analytics, purchasing, and payments. There is provision to include intelligent ERP elements like business card scanning with Machine Learning. Integration with Microsoft Teams is also in talks along with a simplified landscape and a lower number of components.


Additions of SAP HANA 2.0 features


Enhancing the service layer API is planned along with the extensibility of the web client.


Adding support for advanced user authentication, enhancing tenant configuration, and staging introduction for regions and countries.

Product Direction


Extending the coverage of the web client business process. Optimizing scalability and performance. Providing support for the containerization approach and the simplification of landscape and deployment.


Converting insight to action and implementing predictive, pervasive, and scalable analytics.


Enhanced service layer API and web client extensibility. Providing event service support and a model for partner content in the integration hub.


Providing support for advanced user authentication along with a reduction in TCO and a deeper integration to the MS active directory.

Product Areas for Future Investment of SAP Business One

SAP is pushing SAP B1 to become the best ERP for SMEs. Businesses that use the web client accessed cloud instance of SAP Business One have:

  • A global and highly scalable real-time ERP software.
  • A customer solution that puts a high priority on customer value.
  • Extended access to its in-memory analytics platform SAP HANA.
  • Flexibility to customize the software as per the needs and requirements of the business.
  • Ability to choose from an on-cloud and on-premise approach with mobile adoption.

SAP Business One can be a beneficial investment for fast-growing businesses that don’t want to get tied down due to a lack of technical capability. While the SAP implementation cost in India can seem like a lot, as the business matures and grows bigger, the features and functionalities available in SAP B1 will come in handy for your business.

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