Selenite Crystal: Beneficial Properties, Lore, And How to use this High-level Vibration Stone

In a lot of traditions crossed the centuries, selenite is considered to have practical curing benefits. A few consider selenite among the most powerful crystals in an energy worker’s carpenter’s kit.

Not only is selenite considered to carry powerful energy that can allow protection and better well-being, but it is also stated to clean outcast energies from your environment.

Metaphysical and curing properties of selenite:

selenite bowl made of selenite is a cleared-up form of gypsum that is usually used in a semi-transparent, varied stone. It is formed when sulfate and calcium-rich brine vaporizes, and it has a severity of 2 on the Mohs scale.

Many people consider selenite an effective healer with aggregate benefits, although there is no scientific evidence to back up this.

All the same, there is manifest that selenium — which is selenite’s line element form — has aggregate health benefits. A line element is found in a pocket-sized amount of inanimate things.

Here are a few of the primary purported curing benefits of a selenite crystal:

  • Boosts peace and calm;
  • Allows clarity;
  • Clears jammed energy;
  • It brings up the spirit;
  • Assists you accession your intuition;
  • Is a good space cleaner;
  • Vibrates at a high relative frequency;
  • Boosts connection and camaraderie;
  • Raises abilities of manifestation.

Origins and Lore:

Selenite is linked to Greek mythology, with a story dating from centuries. Its name adds up from the Grecian word for “moonstone,” connected with Selene, the Grecian Goddess of the Moon.

That stated, selenite is not concerned with the crystal recognized as moonstone.

Selenite “bears the form of all that has fallen out in that world,” Jayne explains. “It is as well believed to have been utilized to hold evil spirits out of sickrooms… priests would smash it into a paste to blusher onto the doorways of a home if the person were ill.”

Different names for selenite:

Selenite is recognized by a count of additional names letting in:

  • Satin spar
  • Desert rose
  • Gypsum flower
  • Butterfly selenite or golden phantom 
  • Disodium selenite

Types of Selenite: 

Selenite can be detected in a lot of mutants and colors. And all of them are believed to have subtle differences in their properties and usages.


  • Hourglass: utilized for founding and raising sentience and helps bring out negative figures
  • Wand: used to clean the aura, strike adynamic energy, and boost the flow
  • Tower: produces a protective shield, blows up energy, runs off negative energy


White is the most mutual color of selenite, but it can be detected in gold, peach, and rose imbues. A few are selected with specific names.

  • White: utilized for clearing up, cleaning, and communication with higher domains
  • Golden: brings up sentience and links up to external energies
  • Peach: links up to the sacred chakra, facilitates balance emotions, and carries advanced vibration sexuality
  • Rose: alters mental and emotional scheduling and links up to the pineal eye chakra, hunch, and manifestation

Selenite is an all-powerful curing crystal that boosts peace, calm, moral clarity, and well-being.

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